Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Scene of Muara Beach....

Muara Beach in brunei
Since my last visiting Brunei, possibly several years ago, 
Muara Beach is now completely change... its cleaner and relaxing....
Muara Beach in brunei
Ships turning to the Muara spit to enter Muara Port
Muara Beach in brunei
Christmas trees?...
Muara Beach in brunei
A children playground
Muara Beach in brunei
Brunei Fishing Spot on the beach...
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Monday, 4 June 2007

Scene of Serasa Beach....

Serasa Beach in brunei
Hey, a crab walking in one of the stones... 
if one observes, you will find many crabs along the rock surface
Brunei Fishing Spot, Fishing in the afternoon, it beats fishing in Jerudong beach they say...
Serasa Beach in brunei
Serasa Beach in brunei
restaurant menu of Serasa Beach in brunei

Part of the recent $8 reclaimation and rehabilitation of Brunei Serasa Beach...

the govt should do more of these, especially near our coastal areas where the sea water seemed to get closer to homes and areas previously do not have much sea water...

Try the restaurant which serve some seafood... its not the Yacht Club, but the food is not bad... this chili crab cost $8 per 500 gramme... beware though, one must bring mosquito repellent if you want to eat there at night, the restaurant does not provide any insect repellent...

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Wedding Gifts in Brunei Darussalam

Wedding in Brunei Darussalam
About Brunei Darussalam wedding culture, If you're looking for a unique, original, one of a kind, artistically and professionally done, personalised and have great faith, this may be what you're looking for.

I make one of a kind unique books and albums. I have made journals, guest books, wedding albums, folders, photo albums to name a few. My style is clean, fuss free, and attention to detail. Each piece of work is lovingly put together, I have an initial idea how its going to look like and I go by feel how the work is going to evolve because sometimes the end result is far better.

The books are hand stitched and some styles requires each page to be stitched a page at a time from cover to cover. The time it takes to do an order depends on working out the overall design, sourcing and the availability of the materials. I get key words from the clients to give me a rough idea on what they would like, and what they do not want for the cover.

Wedding albums are done with the collaboration of Erwan the photographer.He and I work as a team where the selected prints he does are placed into an album I made especially for them with the client preferences. For the wedding package, the client can either choose to have a pre wedding and a wedding albums, or just the wedding album. Here are some examples of works done...

Buku PermintaanBuku Permintaan
Client key words: Pink, Lilac, lilies
Material Used: Pink purple striped japanese cotton, satin hearts, miniature paper flowers, sheer ribbon for the bow.
Background: The client wanted a folder to insert the list for the 'permintaan', after discussing a bit further, the client wanted it to have double doors and no lace or frills. It took a while to source the materials because I just couldn't find any lilies that I find suitable enough. I asked if she wouldn't mind roses and she that that would be alright. I kept the design on the front simple and placed the flowers and hearts in such a way so that it can be used anyway up. The big bow ribbon is to tie the doors down and add a feature to the cover when closed. The folder can be used again and again as the list is not fixed in, merely held down by the double ribbons.

Blue Wedding Album Blue Wedding Album / Book
Client key words: Blue, Silver, hearts
Material Used: Vietnamese silk, padded hearts, satin ribbons
Background: The client was using Erwan as her photographer and she opted to have just the wedding album with her pre wedding pictures included, because of that I had to take into account the additional pages and the overall thickness of the book. Thanks to the fact I received the prints early, I was able to use the main picture as part of the cover for the book by turning that into a feature. Each page of this book was hand stitched a page at a time from the front to the back cover using four needles in one go. Due to the delicateness of the material I had to work carefully and slowly.

Peaches & Cream Wedding AlbumsPeaches & Cream Wedding Albums / Books
Client Key words: Peach, cream, tulips and lilies
Material Used: Heavy satin cotton, faux pearls, satin ribbons, satin hearts, textured paper
Background: This was the first wedding book I did. The smaller one has a japanese style binding where as the bigger one had a more traditional album feel to it. Both books uses the pattern on the material as a feature highlighted by the pearls and hearts scattered around it, and satin ribbons on the side as fasteners as added details.

Pre Wedding Book
Pre Wedding Book
Client Key Words: Anything as long as it looks wedding-y
Material Used: Padded handmade textured paper, gold thread, paper roses and leaves, satin ribbons
Background: I had fun making this one, I was going through a phase of being really girly, hence the heart shape made up of roses. The way the book was put together was like the blue book only with a single needle and using the gold thread as feature. Added detail of the bookmark and the bow at the side.

Guest Wedding BookGuest Wedding Book
Client Key Words: I want to use it for all of my three receptions
Material Used: Same material as the client's wedding chongsam, gold thread, gold ribbons
Background: The book cover is the same material as the wedding gown of the client, I figured it would be fitting for the book. The book is in three sections as she was having three different functions with three different groups of guests. The cover both front and back have picture windows for the client to insert either the invitation or wedding picture. The book is put together like the blue book only thrice. The gold ribbons act as ties to hold whichever section closed, and added details for the book.

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