Thursday, 29 October 2009

How to Park a Car in Brunei?

car parking in Brunei  
About Living in Brunei Darussalam, Too many ways people do the car park. There's even a Bruneian blog specifically raised the issue of car parking in Brunei Darussalam. So Check it out these pictures!

car parking in Brunei

car parking in Brunei

car parking in Brunei

car parking in Brunei

car parking in Brunei

car parking in Brunei


Monday, 26 October 2009

at Mangrove Paradise Resort do Touring, Taking Pictures and Makan

Mangrove Paradise Resort Brunei
Hello to everyone yang drop by arah blog ani and have a interest to read more on my new experienced ke Kampung Kota Batu Brunei this week. I have an interesting story to share with you guys on my journey to one of the new interesting place in Brunei Muara District. Well, I heard lots of peoples talked pasal Mangrove Paradise Resort.. And when I watched Rampai Pagi this morning pun c-Fakhrul cakap about this resort. And this afternoon I decided to go there and take a look to see ‘how amazing’ is the place.
Mangrove Paradise Resort Brunei

At first I fetch Mamad dulu and then Kasihz at Batu Besurat and tarus tah we zoom there. Mamad drove my car pasal aku tireddd drive dari Tutong Hahahaa. Dari Bsb to Kota Batu it takes around 10-15 minutes drive and at last we reached diMangrove Paradise Resort. Dari simpang atu we have to masuk sikit ke dalam and once we sampai sana you can see a carpark and siringnya ada kolam memancing.
Mangrove Paradise Resort Brunei

As you can see, gambar atas ani is pemandangan di bahagian dapan resort atu sepanjang bejalan dari teratak resort ani lantainya kayu yang macam di Kampung Ayer ah but this one is one tahan lah Hahahaaa...

We were greeted by one of the owner’s punya daughter at the reception desk and I was found out that c Mamad sama that daughter is cousin. Now my job is going to be more easier and more enjoy pasal she gave us the excess to masuk bilik and have a tour around the resort. I will show you pictures that I took during the tour tadi and I know you guys will love it. Oh by the way this pictures and full coverage is dedicated to Duan, my close office mate yang kan membawa family nya ke mari and to the peoples yang kan mau tau story here.
Mangrove Paradise Resort Brunei

Above is the conference room and kami nada sempat masuk ke conference room nya tadi but as i were told that conference room nya ani complete dengan aircond, meja, speaker and microphone. I have no idea brapa orang bulih muat dlm ani, will ask the manager nanti. Heheee..

Ok let me share-share with you apa ada sini. They have 15 chalet sepanjang resort ani, ada conference room, surau, restaurant, snack bar, swimming pool, spa and i was learned that this resort opened masa 1st October 2009, that was about 3 weeks ago and its still NEW!!!

Every chalet atu ada 2 katil, toilet and LCD tv!!!!! Wow!!!! And ofcourse ada aircond and water supply Hahahaaa.. The room is clean, cadarnya warna putih and outside the chalet atu ada beranda and two kerusi yang untuk santai-santai atu, just scroll ke bawah and you will see pictures kami besantai.. Hahahaaa…
Mangrove Paradise Resort Brunei

Kalau kitani ke hujung sikit we will see swimming pool, ada dua swimming pool kena sediakan sini, satu untuk orang basar macam aku and satu untuk budak-budak Hahahaaa... and besides the pool ada kena sediakan shower and toilet. Besebelahan dengan pool ani ada kolam memancing but I don’t take much pictures pasal nda ku minat memancing jua Heheee.. So I just took picture yang wide sikit and I have no idea about the kolam memancing.
Mangrove Paradise Resort Brunei mini jetty

Now its time to move lagi. Dekat dengan reception atu ada kena sediakan mini jetty untuk penambang perahu menurunkan passenger nya yang traveling pakai perahu. It’s a good idea jua kena sediakan jetty sini pasal im sure orang dari kampung sebalah-sebalah atu grenti ada yang kemari pakai perahu jua..

Now, c-Kasihz starving and ia nda beranti complained me about her kelaparan atu. So we masuk ke restaurant nya, located at the same building. If you like duduk tempat berangin you can pilih duduk luar. And if you like duduk di dalam yang ada aircond boleh duduk dalam jua. The foods mostly nya seafoods, ikannya fresh, Cuma nada udang yang fresh yang hidup-hidup saja..

So lepas browse list-list menu nya, kami masuk saja tarus and chose a good location but all the “good location” atu kena reserved.. Brunei Food Damn!!! Aku pilih Nasi Goreng Seafoods, Mamad pilih Nasi Goreng Ayam and c-Kasihz pilih mee basar Seafoods..

Now its time for us to makan and I really hope you guys enjoy all the pictures here as I enjoy my tour tadi petang.. It’s a fantastic moment to share with you yang baca blog ani and will update you more kalau ada apa-apa interesting story.

When I first heard about the Mangrove Paradise Resort from a close associate; my first reaction was "is there such a place in Brunei?". I decided to check it out and so on a fine Monday morning (that's today after an assignment in Serasa), I drove to the location indicated (Spg. 912, Jalan Kota Batu) and there it was; a chic little place with a seafood restaurant, a conference room and 15 chalets, overlooking the Brunei River. There is also a pond where guests can go fishing for a fee. The promotional rate for the chalets is B$128-00 inclusive of breakfast per night. This place opened on 1st October 2009 and is usually full during the weekends (according to the receptionist on duty) so to avoid dissapointment; do book in advance. The phone number is +673 2786868.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Brunei Darussalam Travel Agent

list of Travel Agency in Brunei Darussalam can check at :


Anthony Tours & Travel Agency Sdn Bhd (ATTA)

Ticketing:(+673) 222 2666 / 222 7980 / 222 7965
Tours:(+673) 222 8668

The Anthony Tours and Travel Brunei company was established in 1978 with three staff operating as outbound tour agency and sales, reservation and ticketing office to serve the Bruneian community. 

It is one of the oldest air travel industry establishment in Negara Brunei Darussalam. After more than 30 years, ATTA 
Anthony Tours and Travel maintain its pioneer status and one of the top performing air travel agency and tour operator in Brunei Darussalam, providing employment and skill development for more than 30 mainly local (bumiputera) employees supported by able regional internationally experienced expatriate staff. 

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