Thursday, 19 July 2007

World Maps of Brunei Darussalam

Brunei Darussalam location on in Southeast Asia is a sovereign state located on the north coast of the island of Borneo. It is completely surrounded by the state of Sarawak, Malaysia and its coastline is with the South China Sea, also it is separated into two parts by the Sarawak district of Limbang.

What are the geographical coordinates of Brunei Darussalam?
Latitude of Brunei: 4º30´ North of the Equator
Longitude of Brunei: 114º40´ East of Greenwich

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Brunei Darussalam Flags
Flag of Brunei
Officially adopted on June 30, 1911 Portugese Falg consists of two vertical stripes in green and red color with coat of arms on the boundary of the two colors at equal distance from the upper and lower edges.Facts About Brunei

Facts about Brunei
Lat Long4°53.417'N114°56.533'E
CapitalBandar Seri Begawan
Largest CityBandar Seri Begawan
Official LanguageBahasa Melayu
Major ReligionOrthodoxy, Undeclared Atheism, Islam Protestantism, Roman Catholicism, Oriental Orthodoxy ,Jews, Others
National day1 January (1984)
Form of GovernmentUnitary Islamic absolutemonarchy
PresidentHassanal Bolkiah (Sultan)
Prime MinisterAl-Muhtadee Billah ( Crown Prince)
CurrencyBrunei dollar (BND)
GDP$21.907 billion 2012 estimate
Calling code673
Time ZoneBDT (UTC+8)

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Driving Test in Brunei Darussalam

Asoh Raya Driving School
Information About Brunei Driving Theory Test, Went for my driving test at Kuala Belait Land Transport Department this afternoon. It sure was a very hot afternoon. There were only 3 of us taking the driving test, a girl from Sekolah Menengah Sayyidina Ali, a friend from UK and me. All of the candidates are from my school - Asoh Raya Driving School Brunei Darussalam.

The parking went very smoothly. I did not hit any poles even in parallel parking. Neither did I roll down from the ramp after braking on it. If I did not see wrongly I scored rather well in this section. However, I made some mistakes while driving on the road, especially while using those small roundabouts.

Anyway, I'm glad I passed my driving test. My instructor was also relieved as I wasn't a easy-to-teach student, haha. I had spent a total of SGD460, including exam fees and processing fees. Rather expensive by local rates. Amazing, only spent a total of 14 hours learning to drive in just 2 weeks.

The officer later reviewed with me the mistakes I committed throughout the test. No reviews on my parkings. All my mistakes were at the mini-roundabouts. I marginally cut into the right lane when I am supposed to be on the left. Another mistake was not stopping for a stationary right side vehicle. The vehicle was not moving even though the lane is free.

Part of circuit in front of Bahagian Ujian Memandu - parallel parking lot
Bahagian Ujian Memandu
 The ramp - where the car must stop and brake in the middle then climb over it using 1st gear.

As usual, the civil efficiency of Brunei has deteriorated. My driving license will only be issued next Tuesday, and it is only a handwritten piece of paper. The rude counter lady at Jabatan Pengangkutan Darat refused to listen to my appeal and loudly insisted on Tuesday, nabehzz... Pay SGD10 for license still so slow! I think I have to leave my IC behind this time. Hopefully my dad can help in expediting the process.

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Saturday, 14 July 2007

Driving Theory Test in Brunei

brunei Jabatan pengangkutan darat

Information About Brunei Driving Theory Test, for get The Brunei Driving License. Finally sat for the driving theory test at Land Transport Department Brunei Darussalam. There were only 3 of us sitting for the test this afternoon. Probably most have opted for the morning test session. The result will probably take 3 working days or more to be processed.

Meanwhile I think I should start taking driving lessons. Each lesson costs $15 and lasts for an hour. It is almost the middle of June now, and there are only two and a half weeks left before I will be returning to Singapore again. Finished watching Heroes Season 1, and am now eagerly anticipating its second season, haha...

Now that the test is over, I can go and pursue other matters at hand... Not much plan on how to spend the remaining week though, and some of my friends will be visiting KL next week, so I guess I'll just concentrate on my driving lessons at driving school Brunei.

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Thursday, 12 July 2007

Crowds in Kuala Belait Beach

Playground before reaching the Kuala Belait beach
 Playground before reaching the Kuala Belait beach

Go to the Kuala Belait beach. It is a Chinese tradition to go to the beach on this special day. Saw a group of my secondary friends there, but I didn't went up to say 'hi'. By avoiding contact I saved them the trouble of trying to cook up some excuses on excluding me. It's not the first time by the way. Also I see no need to establish a strong rapport, since we are not very close. Anyway they are all rich kids, so I guess it doesn't matter.
Saw a sunset by the beach. I really don't know what is so beautiful or mesmerizing or romantic about sunsets. You get to see them every day in Brunei - while driving, by the beach etc. Here are some pictures taken for the day and share to you.

Kuala Belait beach

Kuala Belait beach

Crowds at the Kuala Belait beach during evening time 
Kuala Belait beach

Kuala Belait beach

Kuala Belait Beach in sunset.
The glowing orange sun hanging precariously above the horizon

Kuala Belait beach 
Gentle waves lapping at the shores

A view back inland from the Kuala Belait sandy beach

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Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Registered For Driving Theory Test in Brunei

kuala belait map
Time flies! In just a blink of an eye I am back home for almost a week after visiting Brunei. Things had been rather slow this week, but I'm glad everything is going along smoothly and want to share to you.

I have managed to enroll myself in AsohRaya Driving School Brunei Darussalam. I have no idea why there are suddenly so many people in Kuala Belait registering for a driving license. I had a hard time scouting for schools to accommodate my one month schedule.

Registered for driving theory test next Wednesday afternoon, and thereafter I can start my driving lessons. Hopefully everything goes well, as wrongly identifying a road sign will be given immediate failure. I opted for the test in Malay Language, a language I am rather familiar with. The total estimated cost is about SGD400+. A little expensive by local rates, but is still all right as their cars are brand new!

Haven't been doing much lately. Been watching Prison Break Season 2 and Heroes. Completely addicted to Heroes, haha.... Met a friend at Smart this afternoon. She was rather shocked to see me back in town. Time to contact some old friends...

Suddenly I found Kuala Belait in Brunei Darussalam a little small... The only thing I like about here is the friendliness of the local populace. Strangers can just chat up without fearing any ulterior motives from the other party, and are more willing to lend a helping hand, as encountered a few times, unlike "cold" Singaporean society. Spaces abound, and everyone owns a house sitting on a piece of land and at least a car - these are just basic necessities!

Kuala Belait registering for a driving license

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

The Day in Kuala Belait

Kuala Belait Hospital
Just Share, Went to visiting the dentist in Brunei early this morning. I was supposed to visit the dentist yesterday morning, but it turned out to be a stormy morning, so my sister (the driver) decided to continue sleeping and as result I continued mine.
It was a smooth process during this visit. No missing files whatsoever. It only costs $3 for check-up and scaling. Brunei Darussalam citizrnship benefit, have it free anyway. Passed by the gynecology section on the way out and it was so FULL of people. So many newly-borns and expecting mother!!

The morning was sunny and lacking a mode of transport, I walked home. Kuala Belait town is rather small and breezy, thus it was a rather enjoyable walk. I could give myself a little tan and the breeze will keep me cool. Along the way, I took some pictures as my camera was in my bag.

Kuala Belait Hospital
Another view of the Kuala Belait Brunei Hospitals, adjacent to the dentistry section
 Road leading to Kuala Belait town center
 Road leading to Kuala Belait town center - the tallest building in town looms in the background
The Jubilee Monument beside Belait River

  The Jubilee Monument, beside Belait River
 Went OGDC (Oil Gas Development Center) in Seria Brunei Darussalam, my neighboring town with my secondary classmates to catch a movie, Blades of Glory for $6 on Sunday. Honestly speaking I did not know that there was a cinema there, albeit a small one - 75 seater. There were only less than 10 of us watching the movie at that time. It was hilarious, and we being the largest group, practically had the cinema to ourselves.

I will be taking my driving theory test tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully everything goes well. I am a little nervous as Section A - identifying road signs, requires the answers to be immaculate. A single mistake in this section will warrant a "Fail" stamp and no issuing of "L" license.


Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Grand Sales Hit The Kuala Belait

polo grand sale
Just Share, The Grand sale has hit Kuala Belait Brunei Darussalam, with prices being slashed as much as 50%. Bought 3 Polo Ralph Lauren shirts in one go, as one shirt is now less than $16, like cheap hotel in Brunei?
Quality is not bad. My maid bought 3 as well - color series. It was a hard time trying to find the sizes, and blue ran out of M and L sizes, left XL and bigger sizes.


Sunday, 1 July 2007

Nyonya Restaurant Brunei

I had an overseas guest today and I decided to bring him out for dinner tonight. While on the way to fetch him, I was thinking “where to go?”. I felt like wanting to be entertained, perhaps seeing someone singing tonight to relax my mind. Can only think of 2 places i.e. Nyonya Delima Satu and the Empire Hotel. Decided to go to Nyonya instead as I know that the entertainment there is more fun. I also invited Bruneian to join me for the dinner.

About Nyonya Restaurant 

As far as I know they have 2 branches, Gadong and Delima Satu. The one at Gadong don’t have singing entertainment, only the Delima Satu branch has it. The performance starts around 8:30pm on 1st floor. Monday and Thursday is an off day for their singers. The singers are actually the waiters and waitress. Delima Satu branch also offer Dim Sum for breakfast and lunch. Gadong branch don’t offer Dim Sum (I think so). Foods there are not that cheap but affordable. It’s a good place to bring guests or having special occasions dinner.

I would recommend anyone to try out having dinner there at least once. Remember not to choose Monday or Thursday night if you want to see the singing performance. 10% discount on HSBC credit card.

The address

No. 26 & 27, Ground & 1st Floor
Block D, Kg. Delima Satu
Mukim Berakas BB4713 B.S.B, Brunei Darussalam
Tel : 2340038
Fax : 2340039

Gadong: No 3, Bangunan Hasbullah 1, Jln Gadong. Tel: 244-7090 
Yayasan: Block E & F, YSHHB Complex. Tel: 223-1236

Nyonya Brunei restaurant
Working Hours: 
Gadong: 8am-11pm Serusop: 8am-11pm Yayasan: 10am-10pm

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Nyonya Restaurant - Gadong

Whenever i mentioned Nyonya Restaurant, people always tell me how good is theirButtermilk Chicken.
Out of curiousity, so Me and Hubby paid a visit to Nyonya and wanna know how truthful the comments are.
There are few branches of Nyonya. 1 in Gadong (the main branch), 1 in Yayasan, 1 in Delima.
The Yayasan branch is more towards cafe rather than restaurant to me.
So this time we visited the Gadong branch.
The designs of the restaurant is really great, especially their dinning tables.
And really great ambiance and suitable for couple to go there and 'pak toh'
We choosed to have our meal on the upper floor and there were nobody except us and Mr. Waiter.
It made me feel like Hubby 'pao' (booked) the whole upper floor of Nyonya and have romantic dinner with me... HAHAHAHAHAHA
Btw, we ordered their Curry Lamb Rice and Buttermilk Chicken Rice.
We were so shocked when the Buttermilk Chicken Rice arrived.
The portion was so littleeeeeeeeeee....
The Curry Lamb's portion was alright.. but not the Buttermilk Chicken.
Ok Ok, back to the 'taste' part.
They didn't lie to me.
It does taste GREAAAAT!
The Buttermilk Chicken i mean.
The Curry Lamb ok ok lar.. kinda regret didn't order the Asam Sliced Fish instead.
Guess the Asam Sliced Fish might be better than the Curry Lamb.
Out of so many places who serve Buttermilk Chicken.. so far, Nyonya is top on my list keke..
I just hope they can improve in the portion servings lar..
Really too little.

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