Saturday, 14 July 2007

Driving Theory Test in Brunei

brunei Jabatan pengangkutan darat

Information About Brunei Driving Theory Test, for get The Brunei Driving License. Finally sat for the driving theory test at Land Transport Department Brunei Darussalam. There were only 3 of us sitting for the test this afternoon. Probably most have opted for the morning test session. The result will probably take 3 working days or more to be processed.

Meanwhile I think I should start taking driving lessons. Each lesson costs $15 and lasts for an hour. It is almost the middle of June now, and there are only two and a half weeks left before I will be returning to Singapore again. Finished watching Heroes Season 1, and am now eagerly anticipating its second season, haha...

Now that the test is over, I can go and pursue other matters at hand... Not much plan on how to spend the remaining week though, and some of my friends will be visiting KL next week, so I guess I'll just concentrate on my driving lessons at driving school Brunei.

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