Scenes of Gadong Brunei

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Gadong Brunei, Its been 5 days since bonous was out and the jam is still terrible in Gadong... and at the same time banners are up to mark Brunei's National Day Celebration.

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Radio Televisyen Brunei New Building

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RTB New BuildingWell, after more than one year of building this new and modern station, the new Radio Television Brunei building is expected to be completed by this year...

Problem is, how are the staff going to stand the pugent smell which will be emitted from the 30 years old rubbish dump just next to the building???

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Lion Dance in Brunei Darussalam

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Lion Dance in Brunei
Chinese New Year is not complete without a dragon dance as it is believed to exorcise evil spirits and summon luck and fortune. This year, the "lion" didnt go all the way to my mum's house as it did last year, hence we know we are missing something.... :-)
Anyway, my friends who live in Chempaka at Jalan Tutong and Belait District reported many lion dances were preformed during the chinese new year. My friend in Belait had to pay $488 then they would come and perform at her house and i thought that was a tad expensive.

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Scenes of Kg Perpindahan Rimba Brunei

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Kg Perpindahan Rimba Brunei
Kampong Perpindahan Rimba is one of the largest "resettlement" project in Brunei Muara District. From the "normal" perpindahan houses where low income public servants applied and got the 20-years interest free housing scheme, it has now expanded to cater for government officers in Division 2 salary scale (graduates and above) who will only obtain land while the house they would have to built their own.

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Chinese Wedding Invitation in Brunei Darussalam

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Chinese Wedding Invitation in Brunei
Constituting over 15% of Brunei's total population, the Chinese community in Brunei is indeed living peacefully in the Abode of Peace, Brunei. Many Chinese locals and foreigners have contributed significantly in the country's economic development and many of them work in the country's private sector.

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Immigration/Customs Checkpoint of Brunei Labu

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brunei Malaysia ferry
Supposedly "Temporary" but the Malaysian on the other side of the road is in the process of building a new CIQ building, possibly smaller than the one they are building at Kuala Lurah border....I guess the "temporary" would be permanent boarder....

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