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Brunei Names : How to Addressing People Names in Brunei

Brunei Darussalam Culture
About Brunei Darussalam Names Culture, To western eyes, Malay names in Brunei Darussalam Cultures, often appear abnormally long, especially if the person concerned also has a number of titles. This is because there is no family surname and everything after "bin" (son of) or "binti" (daughter of) is the father's name.

In Brunei cultures Most Bruneians are normally called by their first name and will often use the first name of a western visitor even on a first meeting, e.g. David Morgan may be addressed as Mr David. The exception is for persons with titles such as Pengiran, Dato or Pehin where the title is always used, quite often on its own with no name attached. Wives of a Dato or Pehin are addressed as Datin.

Bruneians who have performed the Haj (pilgrimage to Mecca) assume the title of Haji (male) or Hajjah (female) and this is normally used as a form of address.

When addressing someone, it is best to use the words "Encik" and "Puan". These are the Malay equivalents of "Mr" and "Mrs" and are said before a person's name. "Cik" is used to address an unmarried woman. "Saudara" literally means "brother" or "sister" but can be used to mean "you" to show respect. When talking to children you may want to use "kamu" or "dik", from the word "adik", meaning younger brother or sister. "Pakcik" (uncle) or "Makcik" (aunty) is sometimes used to address adults.

For traditional three part Chinese names, the family name appears as the first name. However, Chinese Christians also have a fourth Christian name that comes before the family name. For example, David Phuah Peng Hoo could be addressed as Mr Phuah, Phuah, David or Peng Hoo, depending on how well you know the person.

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