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Batang Duri in Brunei Darussalam

 brunei Batang Duri camp
Batang Duri camp
Pictures of Batang Duri, one of Village in Brunei Darussalam and you find the National park.

Tourist attractions in Brunei. Batang Duri is the name of an Iban longhouse in Temburong District in Brunei. It is located 17 km south of Bangar. From Batang Duri, you can take the boats that go to the Kuala Belalong Rainforest Field Studies Centre.

You are allowed to visit the longhouse. If you do that, pay respect and introduce yourself first to the penghulu (chieftain). Remove your shoes before you enter. Batang Duri longhouse also provides overnight accommodation, preferrably if you prearrange with a tour operator.

Getting There
You can take a taxi from Bangar for B$15.00 or get a tour operator to make the arrangement for you

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brunei Batang Duri wooden bridge
Batang Duri wooden bridge
brunei Batang Duri River
Batang Duri River
Brunei Batang Duri Trandie Marina Resort
Batang Duri Trandie Marina Resort
Brunei Batang Duri Signboard
Batang Duri Signboard
Brunei Batang Duri
Batang Duri

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