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Brunei Country in Fact Again

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About Brunei Darussalam Country, Brunei is a Malay state the only one who in 1963 chose to refuse to join the Federation of Malaysia and remain a part of Britain.
Country with a small population was finally gained independence in 1984 and due to supply gas and big oil, is one of the countries that has the highest living standards in the world.

Head of state, Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, has a reputation as one of the richest men in the world.


The country is pick the dense forest and mangrove swamps, Brunei citizenship benefits, while the people enjoy high subsidies and pay no taxes.

Brunei is almost entirely dependent on imports for their food needs. Despite having enormous wealth, almost all of the countryside outside the capital remain undeveloped and are not exploited.
So far, Brunei has failed to exploit oil and gas revenues to diversify the economy. However, income from investments abroad was greater than oil and gas revenues.

Brunei Government is also promoting the country as an ecotourism destination.

Approximately two-thirds of the population of Brunei is Malay, and they benefit from earth policy sons. The remaining residents of Chinese descent, which reached 16% of the total population, there are those who hold passports that are protected by the British.

There are also descendants of Indian and traditional groups, such as Murut, Dusuns, and Iban.
Since 1962 the Sultan of Brunei has ruled the country by decree. Although there are two political parties allowed in 1985, but one broke thirteen years later, while the party remained the target of threats and harassment that is now no longer active.

Brunei's financial condition declined in recent years. Shares and their assets hit by the fall in the Asian financial crisis in the late 1990s, and also as a result of falling oil prices. In 1998, a family owned company  Sultan brother, Prince Jefri, went bankrupt and left a huge debt burden.

Born in 1946, became Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei in October 1967 after his father, Haji Omar Ali Saifuddin abdicated. Coronation as Sultan of Brunei made in August 1968.

Sultan Bolkiah was educated in Malaysia and the UK. In 1991, Bolkiah introduced a conservative ideology called Malay Muslim Monarchy, which can be said to alienate the Chinese community.


Media Brunei is not only diverse but also not free. Press the private, not owned or controlled if the sultan's family, tended to perform self-censorship on issues of politics and religion.
In September 2000, the Borneo Bulletin newspaper reported that authorities in censoring the foreign and domestic publishing seems to loosen their control.

The report also states that the censorship of television, including state television Television Brunei, also began to be reduced. But it added that some religious leaders are not happy with the recent developments, which they consider to speed up the process of moral decline in society.

The only media broadcaster Radio Television Brunei operations are controlled by the government. Foreign broadcasts can be accessed via the network cable.

Radio Television Brunei is controlled by the state with TV broadcasts in Malay and English, while there is also a radio broadcast in Mandarin.


Population: 358,000 (UN, 2003)
Capital: Bandar Seri Begawan
Main Languages​​: Malay, English, Chinese
Home :: religions Islam, Buddhism, Christianity
Average age: 74 years (men), 79 years (women) (UN)
Monetary unit: 1 Bruneian dollar = 100 cents
Main exports: crude oil, liquefied natural gas, petrol products natural gas
Average revenue per year: U.S. $ 26.800 (World Bank, 1997)
Internet domain:. Bn


Borneo Bulletin, in English
Brunei Direct, an online news service
Media Permata, in Malay

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