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Brunei Holidays : Jerudong Park Playground

Jerudong Park Playground
Jerudong Park Play Ground
Jerudong Park Rides

Brunei Holidays, Jerudong Park Playground is tourist attractions in Brunei, an outdoor theme park full of gentle and not so gentle rides, games, simulators and amusements. 
A great place to spend the cool of an evening.

The Jerudong park Playground is opening times :
 Wednesday to Sunday evenings, starting from 1700 (5 pm). 
Rides stop operation for evening prayers, effectively from 1800 (6 pm) to 2000 (8 pm). 
The park closes at midnight most evenings, and as late as 0200 (2 am) on Saturday night.
Select a meal here from the range of up market food stalls, then stroll over to the playground entrance. 

Jerudong Park Playground

Brunei Darussalam travel, The Entrance is free, and ride tickets include use of the buggy service to ride around the extensive park.
An unlimited all rides pass is only Bn$15 for adults and $5 for children. 
The rides and games range from very gentle to extreme, so there is something for everyone.  

Dedicated thrill seeker, young children, mum and dad will all have fun. 
Between rides there are covered rest areas surrounded by manicured lawns and gardens where you can catch your breath. 
Jerudong Music Fountain
Jerudong Music Fountain
Brunei Jerudong crystal
Brunei Jerudong crystal

The most popular rides are the Log Flume, Go-carts, Pony Express and Rotating Tower.  
The rides and facilities were developed by the Royal Family for the benefit of the community, and visitors. 

So expect to see the biggest and best versions of ride attractions that feature in similar overseas theme parks.


  1. Bulan disember ini park ini buka ke?

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  3. year 2013 no more Jerudong Park Playground already ? or got how many thing can play ?



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