Thursday, 13 December 2012

Proud To be Brunei Citizen!

Brunei Darussalam passport

Information About Brunei Citizenship, Anyway, I received a very short notice from the Brunei Darussalam Authorities that I have be present at the Immigration Complex to be solemnized as a Brunei citizen.
In just a short span of time in the afternoon, I have to do so many things - inform school, inform my IA supervisor, seek leave approval, book air tickets, arrange logistics etc... Anyway I managed to book a flight on SQ and will only return to the island republic this Sunday afternoon....

Went out to have Fish and Co. with my colleagues in AMK hub after work that day. Thereafter I went over to my friend's house nearby and interestingly stayed there till dawn, where I then returned to Yishun, pack up some stuffs and leave for Changi Airport. Didn't sleep at all - phobia of missing this morning flight.

Attended the 'taklimat', or oath-taking ceremony on Thursday morning. The oath-taking is the last legal requirement as mandated by Brunei Nationality Act, whereby I am now officially a Brunei citizen. I had to be in traditional Malay costume for the event.

traditional Malay costume

The event took up the whole morning. We were lectured on our roles and responsibilities as new Brunei citizens, how our citizenship could be revoked, more in-depth details about Brunei Nationality Act etc. Anyway the citizenship certificate ceremony will tentatively be conducted in February next year, where I can then obtain a yellow IC and a Brunei International Passport...


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