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How to Renew or Make New I/C in Brunei

brunei IC identity card

Oct 26th, 2010 at 2:59pm  

About Brunei Darussalam I/C , When I'm Living in Brunei Darussalam, I am sharing my experience in renewing IC at the Brunei Immigration office in Bandar Seri Begawan to make life easier for you expats in Brunei.

Things to Bring
1. Passport
2. Photocopy of your passport photo page with your details and the page where your employment pass is stamped on.
3. BND20.00 for the fee.
4.Remember to bring along a pen

1. As you walk through the main door at the immigration building, turn left immediately into the I/C section.
2. Walk straight to the counter and ask for a form. Fill up the form and submit it to the person at the counter. You should be given a number. It should be a number starting with 2xxx if you are a foreigner. Citizens and PR would get a number starting from 1xxx.
3. Look at the electronic display queuing number. Look only at the number starting from 2xxx. Look at how far down the queue is your turn. If the current number is 2001 and your number is 2101 then you are 100 away from the next person.

4. It takes about 1 hour to go through a queue of 50 persons. So if you are 100 person away from the current number then you should go off to do some other things like shopping and come back in 2 hours. There is no point sitting there for 2 hours.

5. There are 10 counters of which Counters 6-10 are for foreigners and the other Counters 1-5 are for locals. Usually there are lot less locals renewing their IC so the local queue would be empty by around 10:45am. When the local queue is empty, they would then allow foreigner to come into counter 1-5 and speed up the queue.

6. At the counter, your fingerprints and photograph will be taken electronically. You will need to pay $20.00 to the officer. You will be given a temporary IC which is also your receipt to pick up the IC when it is ready in 2 weeks.

7. Go back to the same office after 2 weeks. Submit your temporary IC/receipt to the main counter at the IC section. Your name will be called and you wil be given your new IC. Occassionally your I/C may not be ready within the 2 weeks and you would be asked to go back again.
So what I suggest is that if you don't have an urgent need for an I/C, pick it up after 4 weeks. 

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