Saturday, 20 October 2007

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Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Trip to Pulau Selirong (Mosquito Island)

Fishing traps Pulau Selirong
Fishing traps Pulau Selirong
Yesterday, my coursemates and I along with Dr. Irene and her husband went on a trip to Pulau Selirong (or Mosquito Island). After only three hours of sleep and sahur, headed straight to UBD to meet up with my friends and off we went to Serasa Beach. After some chaos (some got lost) took a half an hour boat trip to the island, east of the Brunei Bay. This was my first time there after listening to many lectures about eco-tourism and wildlife there by my lecturers so I was excited to go here.
Sunrise at Serasa
Sunrise at Serasa

Unfortunately, we didn't have Dr. Charles, one of my Biology lecturers whose expertise is on small mammals and birds, with us to help identify the different calls of birds. Also, unfortunate we didn't get to see snakes and most importantly, the Orang Belanda, or the proboscis monkey. Perhaps we could have, had we gone earlier.

Go visit any local tourism agent if you're interested on a trip to Pulau Selirong. Don't forget to wear appropriate clothes and footwear, bring a bottle of water and a lot of patience. All it takes, is a little bit of silence and you will be able to see wildlife roaming around one of the best mangroves of the world.

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