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The Prosperous Of Brunei Darussalam

Night In Brunei
Night In Brunei
I first heard the name of (state) is called Brunei as a child, from TVRI (Televisi Republik Indonesia)-rather than the weather report of Indonesia and the surrounding area. usually referred to there, "Bandar Seri Begawan sunny, or cloudy, or ..."yes, the capital of Bandar Seri Begawan Brunei Darussalam. a small country town of the beautiful, which only a few times before (10-14 des 2009) I visiting and I want to share about Brunei Darussalam. I mean beautiful, perhaps more to the well-organized city / country in good governance, which at least a glimpse of just a few days it looks very striking in landscapes: roads and localization of residential and office buildings, shopping centers, also in the discipline of its citizens to the rule of driving on the highway, and others. I think, rightly "Darussalam" pinned to him, reflecting the well-being and prosperity.
 Rainbow in Brunei
Rainbow in Brunei
The first impression that comes is a wide street at once deserted. deserted because of the time I came, was a Friday night means the night holiday in Brunei, and from what I heard, Friday and Sunday is a holiday, the country will be quiet on a holiday for many of its citizens vacation in Malaysia, the country nearest neighbor .night was an exhausting night with the rain swept streets rinai. Our trip, I went with a friend in order to meeting the archipelago of letters to-15-day long, since from banjarmasin, jakarta, kuching, miri, to the Brunei border at approximately 10 o'clock before the lid border is a journey that finally made me fall asleep briefly, after wondering (small talk) a bit on the pickup of the committee in Brunei, in the back of pickup.We stopped briefly at a stall eat / drink a kind of cafe that I forgot his name, on the outskirts of town to the hotel before we lodged: Abdur Razak hotel apartments. we were treated to tea pull of some committee, which warms the atmosphere quite cold that night.The first day, our Friday prayers in mosques jamee Asr Hassanal Bolkiah magnificent; with towering minarets, a dome of pure gold plated, the mihrab were so; the room in such coolness, which wudhunya where I should sit down first before the water comes out (for wearing the sensor system of the body, more or less so), and in the vast courtyard in a beautiful garden I was fascinated in such a way: Subhan Allah, this is the most beautiful mosque I've seen so far!there is an interesting story about the Friday sermon that brought the preacher. it is said, the sermon which was read to us on that day in the mosque, is also another sermon at a mosque preacher read the other on the same day. he said, that the kingdom set up what should and should not be spoken to the audience so as not to cause differences in viewing Darussalam. but, of course I can not prove it, because it is not possible for me to listen to sermons at mosques as well as two at the same time.I could imagine the leadership of Suharto in the very country I love when friends are listening to the story. but of course I must not give judgment in terms of how the king to instill values ​​in society. as far as my view, Darussalam (country / place of peace) is the grand necessity in a small country that is organized and well organized.from the mosque we had lunch at a restaurant in the building neat shops (I can not remember the names of streets and Tempatan here, every building has a name that some of them seemed named for the owner) on the edge of the beautiful river winding. There are two things that I observe here, first I must eat what is available in a buffet and not have to count, because the calculation is perkepala / person and not a per-item side dishes that I took. second, after I get out and hang out for a moment by the river in a building open to the careless (or similar), while waiting for friends to spend their food, the more I realize that in Brunei there is no building (houses and the like) in the coastal rivers as in banjarmasin; coastal rivers, the trees are left lush with whatever it's name and type.I was also invited to see the kampong Ayer Brunei, which she says is the forerunner of the first residence of Brunei. pole buildings with solid-wood legs in the middle of the river, like an island of timber buildings interwoven with each other. Ayer village people simply put the train (car) they are on land, the compound in such a way as to suggest a place to sell cars on the coast, and then go home to use wood-bodied boat to their island. a lovely settlement of the land!evening, the opening event on the board of songket, international rizqun magnificent hotel, by the sultan's son, a very noble young pengiran series abd your majesty. Hajj Malik Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah Ibni mu'izzaddin waddaulah. and I think this is what makes this so Darussalam organized and well-being, obedience to the sultan and a tremendous tribute to his family, which in such a way as is seen in how they treat the sultan's son on the show. he, who was very young-about my age, came greeted shalawat, was hailed in such a way, kissed her hand and lifted up, even by older people though of it. This event was so solemn and full of grandeur.walakhir, there is no gap that I can see and declare about the ugliness of this country. This is Brunei Darussalam, a small country the beautiful, the streets, the buildings, the people-the way they were disciplined in such a manner without visible supervision by police and a parking in the drive and put the car, also the discipline of his time in such a disordered and prosper. I do not know the city ....home from Brunei, through and miri kl (only in the airport only), then to Jakarta, and ending in the beloved city, in the sense of fatigue there was only a dream: a city so orderly, somehow in motion ....

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Monday, 30 November 2009

Bukit Patoi in Temburong

For our Monday morning walk this week we went for a special excursion to Bukit Patoi in Temburong. For our non-Bruneian readers, Temburong (a district separated by an area of Malaysia) is Brunei Darussalam's least populated district and the biggest draw is the vast amount of untouched jungle which covers most of Temburong. Getting there is a 45 minute boat ride from BSB (Bandar Seri Begawan) or a 2 hour car journey via the Malaysian town of Limbang. 
Animal in Bukit Patoi
Animal in Bukit Patoi

Bukit Patoi is 1200m and though the view from the top is lovely the actual walk is a treasure trove of jungle life from plants and creepers to birds and insects. Some of us in the group were very lucky that day to spot a hornbill and two chameleons - with one guarding a nest of eggs.

Animal in Bukit Patoi
Animal in Bukit Patoi

Thursday, 29 October 2009

How to Park a Car in Brunei?

car parking in Brunei  
About Living in Brunei Darussalam, Too many ways people do the car park. There's even a Bruneian blog specifically raised the issue of car parking in Brunei Darussalam. So Check it out these pictures!

car parking in Brunei

car parking in Brunei

car parking in Brunei

car parking in Brunei

car parking in Brunei

car parking in Brunei


Monday, 26 October 2009

at Mangrove Paradise Resort do Touring, Taking Pictures and Makan

Mangrove Paradise Resort Brunei
Hello to everyone yang drop by arah blog ani and have a interest to read more on my new experienced ke Kampung Kota Batu Brunei this week. I have an interesting story to share with you guys on my journey to one of the new interesting place in Brunei Muara District. Well, I heard lots of peoples talked pasal Mangrove Paradise Resort.. And when I watched Rampai Pagi this morning pun c-Fakhrul cakap about this resort. And this afternoon I decided to go there and take a look to see ‘how amazing’ is the place.
Mangrove Paradise Resort Brunei

At first I fetch Mamad dulu and then Kasihz at Batu Besurat and tarus tah we zoom there. Mamad drove my car pasal aku tireddd drive dari Tutong Hahahaa. Dari Bsb to Kota Batu it takes around 10-15 minutes drive and at last we reached diMangrove Paradise Resort. Dari simpang atu we have to masuk sikit ke dalam and once we sampai sana you can see a carpark and siringnya ada kolam memancing.
Mangrove Paradise Resort Brunei

As you can see, gambar atas ani is pemandangan di bahagian dapan resort atu sepanjang bejalan dari teratak resort ani lantainya kayu yang macam di Kampung Ayer ah but this one is one tahan lah Hahahaaa...

We were greeted by one of the owner’s punya daughter at the reception desk and I was found out that c Mamad sama that daughter is cousin. Now my job is going to be more easier and more enjoy pasal she gave us the excess to masuk bilik and have a tour around the resort. I will show you pictures that I took during the tour tadi and I know you guys will love it. Oh by the way this pictures and full coverage is dedicated to Duan, my close office mate yang kan membawa family nya ke mari and to the peoples yang kan mau tau story here.
Mangrove Paradise Resort Brunei

Above is the conference room and kami nada sempat masuk ke conference room nya tadi but as i were told that conference room nya ani complete dengan aircond, meja, speaker and microphone. I have no idea brapa orang bulih muat dlm ani, will ask the manager nanti. Heheee..

Ok let me share-share with you apa ada sini. They have 15 chalet sepanjang resort ani, ada conference room, surau, restaurant, snack bar, swimming pool, spa and i was learned that this resort opened masa 1st October 2009, that was about 3 weeks ago and its still NEW!!!

Every chalet atu ada 2 katil, toilet and LCD tv!!!!! Wow!!!! And ofcourse ada aircond and water supply Hahahaaa.. The room is clean, cadarnya warna putih and outside the chalet atu ada beranda and two kerusi yang untuk santai-santai atu, just scroll ke bawah and you will see pictures kami besantai.. Hahahaaa…
Mangrove Paradise Resort Brunei

Kalau kitani ke hujung sikit we will see swimming pool, ada dua swimming pool kena sediakan sini, satu untuk orang basar macam aku and satu untuk budak-budak Hahahaaa... and besides the pool ada kena sediakan shower and toilet. Besebelahan dengan pool ani ada kolam memancing but I don’t take much pictures pasal nda ku minat memancing jua Heheee.. So I just took picture yang wide sikit and I have no idea about the kolam memancing.
Mangrove Paradise Resort Brunei mini jetty

Now its time to move lagi. Dekat dengan reception atu ada kena sediakan mini jetty untuk penambang perahu menurunkan passenger nya yang traveling pakai perahu. It’s a good idea jua kena sediakan jetty sini pasal im sure orang dari kampung sebalah-sebalah atu grenti ada yang kemari pakai perahu jua..

Now, c-Kasihz starving and ia nda beranti complained me about her kelaparan atu. So we masuk ke restaurant nya, located at the same building. If you like duduk tempat berangin you can pilih duduk luar. And if you like duduk di dalam yang ada aircond boleh duduk dalam jua. The foods mostly nya seafoods, ikannya fresh, Cuma nada udang yang fresh yang hidup-hidup saja..

So lepas browse list-list menu nya, kami masuk saja tarus and chose a good location but all the “good location” atu kena reserved.. Brunei Food Damn!!! Aku pilih Nasi Goreng Seafoods, Mamad pilih Nasi Goreng Ayam and c-Kasihz pilih mee basar Seafoods..

Now its time for us to makan and I really hope you guys enjoy all the pictures here as I enjoy my tour tadi petang.. It’s a fantastic moment to share with you yang baca blog ani and will update you more kalau ada apa-apa interesting story.

When I first heard about the Mangrove Paradise Resort from a close associate; my first reaction was "is there such a place in Brunei?". I decided to check it out and so on a fine Monday morning (that's today after an assignment in Serasa), I drove to the location indicated (Spg. 912, Jalan Kota Batu) and there it was; a chic little place with a seafood restaurant, a conference room and 15 chalets, overlooking the Brunei River. There is also a pond where guests can go fishing for a fee. The promotional rate for the chalets is B$128-00 inclusive of breakfast per night. This place opened on 1st October 2009 and is usually full during the weekends (according to the receptionist on duty) so to avoid dissapointment; do book in advance. The phone number is +673 2786868.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Brunei Darussalam Travel Agent

list of Travel Agency in Brunei Darussalam can check at :


Anthony Tours & Travel Agency Sdn Bhd (ATTA)

Ticketing:(+673) 222 2666 / 222 7980 / 222 7965
Tours:(+673) 222 8668

The Anthony Tours and Travel Brunei company was established in 1978 with three staff operating as outbound tour agency and sales, reservation and ticketing office to serve the Bruneian community. 

It is one of the oldest air travel industry establishment in Negara Brunei Darussalam. After more than 30 years, ATTA 
Anthony Tours and Travel maintain its pioneer status and one of the top performing air travel agency and tour operator in Brunei Darussalam, providing employment and skill development for more than 30 mainly local (bumiputera) employees supported by able regional internationally experienced expatriate staff. 

Monday, 14 September 2009

Brunei Paddy Field

This was taken last sunday while on the "long" way to our fishing spot with the kids.

The rice being grown i beleived is Brunei Brand rice "Beras Liala".
The Brunei paddy feild is being grown with brand new rice type but the old fashion of open burning still remain. Well, what option do we have to clear the vegetation.

There goes a saying : old habits die hard and i this also remind me of a friend who used to copy school homework two decades ago and is apparently still doing it and this time, it is forgery.

New brunei paddy feild around Lamunin, Tutong (Link road jalan Lamunin and Jalan Tutong)
New Brunei paddy feild around Lamunin, Tutong, Link road jalan Lamunin and Jalan Tutong.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Brunei Darussalam History of Oil & Gas

Brunei Darussalam History of Oil & Gas Brunei Darussalam has been known for its vast reserves of petroleum and gas, which has fuelled the nation’s economy for the past 75 years and more.

Exploration started in 1899 with the first recorded well drilled close to Brunei town, now known as Bandar Seri Begawan. Enthusiasm was high and six companies were involved in the oil search including Royal Dutch Shell, which started operations in 1913 after discovering the Miri field in Sarawak, Malaysia.

Brunei Darussalam History of Oil & Gas By 1918, all other companies had pulled out except Royal Ducth Shell, which continued to search and found some accumulation of oil and gas in Labi, Belait in 1924. The find was too small to be commercialised.

In 1925, the search shifted to the Seria, Belait coastal strip in the west of the state and it was in 1929 when first commercial find was made at Seria, Belait in1929 by the British Malayan Petroleum Company, owned by Royal Dutch Shell, which was the forerunner to the present Brunei Shell Petroleum Company Sdn Bhd (BSP).

For a long time, this onshore Seria oil field was Brunei Darussalam’s only producing field despite some 48 exploration wells being drilled between 1914 and 1960. It was developed further in 1940 and production had risen to 17,000 barrels per day. Despite extensive damage to the field caused in World War II, post war production peaked to 15,000 barrels per day.

Brunei Darussalam History of Oil & Gas The breakthrough came in the 1960’s when technological advances made offshore exploration feasible and the South West Ampa field was discovered in 1963, thirteen kilometres off Kuala Belait.

It was the discovery of the South West Ampa gas field, which sparked plans for the Brunei LNG plant project. The Brunei LNG plant began its operation in 1972 as one of the world’s first large scale liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant on the coast of Brunei Darussalam.

Setting new standards in engineering technology, Brunei LNG proved that large quantities of gas could be liquefied safely and shipped over long distances becoming a model for similar ventures throughout the world.

Brunei Darussalam History of Oil & Gas In 1969, a major discovery was found in the Fairley field which is close to Ampa and in 1970, Champion was discovered about 70 kilometres north-east of Seria. Two more oilfields were discovered namely the Magpie which was found in 1975 and Rasau in 1979. These new oilfields increased the production to 250,000 barrels per day at that time.

A milestone was achieved in 1991 when the Seria field produced its billionth barrel and a monument was built near the original site of Well No. 1 to mark the achievement. The Billionth Barrel Monument was officially opened by His Majesty Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mu'izzaddin Waddaulah, Sultan dan Yang Di-Pertuan Negara Brunei Darussalam on 18 July 1991.

Brunei Darussalam History of Oil & Gas In a speech given by the Managing Director at that time, George Innes (MD) said, "The celebration today is to mark the coming of age of the Seria Field which has produced one billion barrels of oil and deservedly merits its place in the ranks of the world's giant oil fields. This has not been solely achieved by technological advances but also by consistent human endeavor over the past six decades.”

The signing of two new Petroleum Mining Agreements (PMAs) on 17 December 2003, between the Government of Brunei Darussalam and BSP, marked a significant milestone for Brunei Darussalam, BSP and the Shell Group.

These agreements called the Onshore Petroleum Mining Agreement and the Consolidated First and Second Offshore Petroleum Mining Agreement, respectively, give effect to an extension of BSP’s rights for a period of 19 years, with a potential further extension thereafter for up to 15 years. BSP’s rights under the Second Offshore concession agreement have also been extended for a period of 15 years, with a similar potential further extension.
The Offshore and Onshore Fields
Brunei Darussalam Oil & Gas The most prolific offshore field is Champion, which is in 30 metres of water, about 70 kilometres northeast of Seria. It holds 40 percent of the country’s known reserves and produces around 100,000 barrels a day. The field already has more than 260 wells drilled from 40 platforms. A central field complex, Champion-7, has living quarters for about 160 personnel, gaslift and compression facilities and water injection facilities.

Brunei Darussalam Oil & Gas The oldest field offshore is South West Ampa, 13 kilomtres off Kuala Belait. Its reservoirs hold more than half of Brunei Darussalam’s total gas reserves and gas production and accounts for 60 per cent of the company’s total production. Gas from its 56 gas wells is piped 39 kilometres to the Brunei LNG plant in Lumut. South West Ampa also has substantial oil reserves with 164 oil producing wells.

Close to Ampa are the Fairley and Gannet fields which produce both oil and gas. Fairley has 29 oil and 22 gas wells.

Brunei Darussalam Oil & Gas The other major offshore filed is Magpie, 60 kilometres north-east of Seria, which has been producing since 1977. Production is now maintained at some 6,000 barrels a day from its 32 wells, drilled from three platforms.

BSP also has a share of production from the Fairley-Baram field, which straddles the border with Sarawak.

In January 1992, BSP’s seventh field came on stream at Iron Duke, 13 kilometres south-west of Champion. It was the first new field to start production since Gannet in 1988. Production is from three wells hooked up to Champion via the company’s multiphase pipeline.

Brunei Darussalam Oil & Gas Onshore, the Seria field was Brunei Darussalam’s major producer until the 1970s. Today it still contributes some 28,000 barrels per day from a coastal corridor 13 kilometres long by 2.5 kilometres wide and in 1991 produced its billionth barrel, commemorated by a monument near the site of the first well. The other onshore field is Rasau, west of the Belait River.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Brunei Holidays : At The Top of the Laur Hill - Bukit Laur

Holidays in Brunei, Share information about Bukit Laur situated between Tasek Lama Recreational Park & Bukit Markucing in Brunei Darussalam

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Bukit Laur

Bukit Laur

Bukit Laur

Bukit Laur

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Brunei in Partnership With South Korea

Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque

By Na Jeong-ju (Staff Reporter)

Brunei Darussalam, a tiny, oil-rich sultanate in Southeast Asia, hopes to strengthen economic ties with South Korea, particularly in the areas of information technology and tourism, the country's leader said.

``We have unspoiled yet fairly accessible pristine rainforests, offering rich biodiversity and are thus well positioned for eco-tourism,'' Sultan HajiHassanal Bolkiah told The Korea Times. ``We will continue to market our country to the world, including Korea. We will see more Korean tourists visiting Brunei in the future.''

Brunei Religious Affairs Building
Brunei Religious Affairs Building
Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque
Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque
Brunei, officially Negara Brunei Darussalam, is one of the oldest kingdoms in the world as well as one of the youngest independent nations location in Southeast Asia. Korea established diplomatic relations with Brunei in 1984 right after the country gained independence from the United Kingdom on Jan. 1 that year.

One of the Islamic nation's key policy goals is to promote the country as a unique tourist destination in Asia, making the industry a key source of revenue and one of the main contributors to the growth of national wealth.

``Looking forward, perhaps we could also focus on other tourism segments, such as sports and medicine, and position ourselves to provide integrated tourism experiences,'' the Brunei leader said in an e-mail interview with The Korea Times.

Crude oil and natural gas, which account for nearly half of the country's gross domestic product, allow the Brunei government to provide the population with one of Asia's best healthcare systems, Brunei citizenship benefits, free education, and food and housing subsidies.

A large portion of the labor force is from the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, India and Bangladesh while American and British professionals are engaged in industry, education and medical services.

Experts say the economy can be called a mixture of domestic and foreign entrepreneurship, government regulation, well-established welfare system and village tradition.

``Since oil was discovered in 1929, it has dominated the country's economy. We are very thankful for this, as it has put us in a better position to enjoy economic development and overcome challenges such as the global economic slowdown,'' the Sultan said. ``At the same time, we recognize that economic diversification is in the long-term interest of the nation and community. We have created an attractive and competitive environment for business and investors and my government is also working on several incentives to strengthen the private sector.

``In this regard, we look forward to Korea's cooperation and support through exchange of experience, expertise and capacity building. At the same time, we also welcome Korean investors and companies to participate in our economic diversification projects, such as the Sungai Liang Industrial Park and the Pulau Muara Besar Port,'' he added.

Kampong Ayer in Brunei
Kampong Ayer in Brunei
Kampong Ayer in Brunei
Brunei Kampong Ayer

Korean Cultural Wave

Asked about Brunei's interest in Korean culture, he said like may other people in the region, many Bruneians have been attracted to increasingly popular Korean soap operas, movies and songs.

``I see much benefit from closer cultural cooperation and exchanges. Especially, these cultural waves help us understand each other and learn about the history of South Korea,'' he said.

The Brunei leader noted ASEAN and South Korea have made good progress over the last two decades, and the summit on Korea's southern resort island of Jeju will provide a crucial opportunity to take their relations to a higher level.

In light of the current global challenges, such as the economic crisis, food and energy security and the recent outbreak of influenza, it is important for both ASEAN and Korea to work closely to address those challenging issues, he said.

``We value our strong relations with Korea. We have good cooperation in trade, energy and education. We further hope both countries will continue to find ways to strengthen trade relations as well as in the area of IT and tourism,'' the leader said.

With a population of some 400,000, developing human capital and improving the welfare of people have been a priority for the Southeast Asian country.

Free Education, Healthcare

Brunei spends much part of its earnings from oil exports on maintaining its welfare system.

Bruneians enjoy free medical and health care which is provided via the government hospitals, health centers and health clinics throughout the whole country.

In remote areas that are not accessible or access by land or water is difficult, primary health care is provided by the Flying Medical Services. Other than four government hospitals in each district, there are also two other private hospitals.

It also has excellent housing programs.

It seeks to provide comfortable homes for landless Brunei citizens, especially government employees who are eligible for housing loans.

``The benefits provided to Bruneians cover many areas, including free education and medical services, on personal income tax, subsidized housing and land for those who are landless,'' the leader said.

``However, there is always room for improvement, and in this regard our long-term national development, called Brunei Vision 2035, aims to build a first-class education system and ensure the sustainable system of our health services, which are comprehensive, equitable and affordable,'' he added.

Brunei is heavily dependent on international trade for economic growth. Substantial income from overseas investment supplements income from domestic production.

Stated plans for the future include upgrading the labor force, reducing unemployment, strengthening the banking and tourism sectors, and, in general, further widening the economic base.

The national airline, Royal Brunei, is trying to make the country a hub for international travel between Europe and Australia and New Zealand, and also has services to major Asian destinations.

Brunei's culture was mainly derived from the Old Malay World, which encompassed the Malay Archipelago, and from this stemmed what is known as the Malay Civilization.

Based on historical facts, various cultural elements and foreign civilizations had a hand in influencing the culture of the country.

Thus, the influences on culture can be traced to the four dominating periods of animism, Hinduism, Islam and the West. However, it was Islam that managed to wind its roots deeply into Brunei, hence it became a way of life and was adopted as the state's ideology and philosophy.

Brunei Darussalam is richly endowed with a cultural heritage steadfastly maintained until today.

The country has focused on the preservation and proliferation of the arts and crafts of bygone days for which it was renowned, such as boat making, silversmithing, bronze tooling, cloth weaving as well as mat and basket weaving.

Relics and other items of artistic heritage include Malay weaponry, wood carvings, traditional games, musical instruments, silat (the traditional martial art of self defense) and decorative items for women.

Brunei is a member of the United Nations, Commonwealth of Nations, Asia-Pacific Economic Forum, Organization of the Islamic Conference, ASEAN and other regional and international forums.

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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Euphoria at Brunei National Stadium

Brunei Darussalam National Stadium
About Brunei Darussalam National Stadium 
during the 1st home match of DPMM FC vs Super Reds FC

Brunei Darussalam National Stadium
 Share the match of Brunei DPMM FC vs Sengkang Punggol FC
 A much improved attendance in tonights' match

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Friday, 10 April 2009

Mumong Sport Complex Mini carnival

Mumong Sport Complex

About Brunei Darussalam, There was a carnival at the Mumong Sport Complex Brunei Darussalam..( Kutipan derma untuk mangsa-mangsa banjir - I'm not quite sure ) It was packed with cars and people. I think it was the first time ever in my life the sport complex's parking lots were full. I bought some burgers from the best 'burgerman' in Kuala Belait.. ;)

The event will be held for three days starting from today..

Mumong Sport Complex

Mumong Sport Complex

Mumong Sport Complex

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Brunei Holidays : An Island Across from Kota Batu Brunei

Kota Batu Brunei
Brunei Holidays, Our hash excursion last week took us to visiting  an island across from Kota Batu, Brunei Darussalam. We were welcomed onto the island by the Ketua Kampong before we proceeded to challenge a steep climb that needed plenty of rope.

ketua kampong Kota Batu Brunei
The view up the top was worth all the effort. It was nice to see Kota Batu from the other side because we are usually on the Kota Batu ridge looking at this island and the houses below.
kota Batu Brunei
After the run the Ketua Kampong invited us to his house for a drink and we were able to enjoy the tranquility of the river and the beautiful sunset that came with it.
Kota Batu Brunei

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kota batu Directional signs
Directional signs pointing to other tourist attractions that can be found at Kota Batu, aside from the Brunei Museum and the Malay Technology Museum.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Brunei Darussalam - Australia 1945 in Memorial

Brunei Darussalam - Australia 1945 Memorial

About the Australia and Brunei Darussalam relationship enjoy a warm, and increasingly diverse bilateral relationship. The Australian High Commission in Bandar Seri Begawan was established shortly before Brunei gained full independence in 1984, but relations go back much earlier than this. Australian servicemen liberated Brunei from Japanese occupation in June 1945. A memorial marking this event can be found at Muara Beach and is the venue for the annual ANZAC Day ceremony organised by the High Commission.

It was 10th June 1945, when 20,000 Australian servicemen landed on "Green Beach" now known as Pantai Muara
at 10th June 1945 Australian servicemen landed on "Green Beach" now known as Pantai Muara

at 10th June 1945 Australian servicemen landed on "Green Beach" now known as Pantai Muara

 at 10th June 1945 Australian servicemen landed on "Green Beach" now known as Pantai Muara

Brunei Darussalam - Australia 1945 Memorial

 Brunei Darussalam - Australia 1945 Memorial 

Brunei Share : The legends surrounding of Bukit Tempayan Pisang

The legends surrounding Bukit Tempayan Pisang can be promoted to attract tourists. This suggestion was yesterday made by Minister of Hom...