Monday, 14 September 2009

Brunei Paddy Field

This was taken last sunday while on the "long" way to our fishing spot with the kids.

The rice being grown i beleived is Brunei Brand rice "Beras Liala".
The Brunei paddy feild is being grown with brand new rice type but the old fashion of open burning still remain. Well, what option do we have to clear the vegetation.

There goes a saying : old habits die hard and i this also remind me of a friend who used to copy school homework two decades ago and is apparently still doing it and this time, it is forgery.

New brunei paddy feild around Lamunin, Tutong (Link road jalan Lamunin and Jalan Tutong)
New Brunei paddy feild around Lamunin, Tutong, Link road jalan Lamunin and Jalan Tutong.

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