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Brunei Darussalam Used Cars Market

This information  was especially created to help you buy and sale quality used cars in Brunei at the comfort of your house or office without the hassle of having to search at each car yard.

Brunei’s used car market

Brunei’s used car market picture by Brunei Times

A MICROCOSM, that’s what I’d call the used car market here in Brunei. It doesn’t really seem to make sense for some of the people who are looking in and seeing the prices of certain vehicles stay where they are, other car models depreciate in a manner that will either make you laugh or cry.
It all relates to demand and supply, as with other things that find themselves for sale in a market. At least it’s based on some vague principals of demand and supply.
As with the usual case if there is a limited supply of a particular car, and lots of people are willing to pay good money for it, then the prices would tend to rise… or at least I thought that to be the case.
Interested buyers
Here in Brunei it seems that buyers are more interested in just waiting for prices to drop and drop. They probably know that if they are in the market for a particular car, one will come up some time, in most cases later rather than sooner... but if they’re willing to wait, they’re very likely to get the bargain price that they’re looking for.
Why is that the case? Well, in the years that I’ve been ogling at cars that have now gone from being contemporary to classics (I’m not so old that cars I fancy have become vintage unless they were vintage to begin with) the only time I’ve seen their prices actually go up is when I’m surveying prices for the same market abroad and outside of Brunei.
Cars here only seem to do one thing, drop in price, and if they don’t it’s only because the people who have the cars to begin with aren’t selling. The term “sellers’ market” comes to mind, but like I mentioned earlier, it’s just a case then of the buyers waiting and waiting, until the seller’s resolve has finally broken.
Older cars and used cars
Demand for certain older or rare cars seems to exist among the people that actually know or place value in the car they’re looking to buy.
Let’s give an example. An old Mercedes E-Class W124 was being sold for several thousand dollars as advertised in the news paper the other day. If you go look at the age of the car, and the mileage you’d be saying, “Ok, Benz of that age, that sounds about right.”
Then I found an R129 SL600, V12-engined and the same age and with a fraction of the miles of the E-class going for three times the price and I’m left absolutely shocked.
The SL600 is basically selling for nearly five per cent of the cost of the car brand new. But an E-class that’s done more miles, considered to be less premium to the SL (what used to be the flagship of the Mercedes Benz 2-door line-up), has managed to keep its price to maybe 12 to 15 per cent of what its price when brand new.
But this is the oddity of the used car market in Brunei that I mentioned, when it comes to something like a premium luxury car, the Mercedes Benz actually keeps its value the best out of all the car brands out there.
Try and find something like a BMW, Jaguar or Lexus of the same age as the R129 or W124 I mentioned above and you’ll find that that depreciation has hit very, very hard.
One of the reasons the Mercedes W124 keeps its value so well is that the car was built during an age where car makers, especially at Mercedes Benz over engineered their cars. They hardly broke down, and those who looked after their cars don’t have any kind of problem keeping them running.
The R129 is somewhat different in that the parts are more specialised and their aren’t many available in the region and are more likely required to be sourced from Germany. Logistically this is a nightmare for those who encounter any issues, and is one of the reasons why people get put off, not just owning a specialised car like the older SLs but just about any other classic premium luxury or sports car.
Another example I can think of for that to be the case is the Honda NSX, a brilliant steer, comfortable and entertaining when you get the chance to drive one, but the repair bill for something like the power steering can soar into five figure digits... depending on how unlucky you are.
However because these cars hold a special place in the hearts of some individuals, there will always be someone who is willing to stump up the cash for the keys to the proverbial car of their dreams. Friends of mine sold their vintage Toyota Celicas for a pretty penny, cars that would have been destined for the scrap heap without the intervention of their owners wanting to restore and fix the cars. When I heard that they were sold for around $10k I didn’t bat an eyelid, until the person telling me the news said that was the amount the cars had fetched separately.
Going along the same vein, someone recently told me the story of how an old 911 964 was sold for $50k after it had been fettled and given the resto-mod treatment from its owner. Others that I’ve seen floating around for sale are going for about $30K or so, if you can find a seller willing to budge on the price.
It seems that in Brunei one way to ensure your car keeps its value better than others is by making sure you buy one that’s easy to maintain and are reliable to being with.
Toyota, despite its recent turbulent history of recalls (of which very few were affected in Brunei compared to the millions around the world) is another brand that sees its prices maintain to a certain degree, when I say maintain I mean they don’t depreciate quickly.
I saw a Toyota Land cruiser selling for much more than a Mitsubishi Pajero, despite being nine years older. I tell you the Bruneian used car market was weird.
It has made me think twice about plunging into the unknown and getting some cars that I fancied owning... not because I’m worried I might not like them, but when the time comes for me to sell, would I be able to find someone else that places the same value as I do in the car that I’m intending to let go.
Even looking at it from my own personal perspective, it’s all very hypothetical and abstract. So I’m taking the pragmatic view that when I do find a car I’m keen on buying that’s vintage and has some kind of sentimental attachment, I’ll probably end up driving it into the ground. That way when depreciation threatens to sink the value of the cars I love, I’ll just take it with me!
The views are the writer’s own and do not necessarily reflect those of The Brunei Times.
The Brunei Times

Monday, 21 April 2014

Mazda Brunei

AMBASSADOR of Japan to Brunei Darussalam His Excellency Kenichi Suganuma together with Grand Motors Managing Director Frankie Ho yesterday welcomed the new car Mazda 3 C-Segment models at its Beribi showroom.
In his speech, Suganuma said the launch was in line with the 30th anniversary celebration of diplomatic ties between Brunei Darussalam.
He also congratulated Grand Motors for the successful launch of the latest Mazda 3, which received “the best car award 2014”.
He added that the Mazda 3, Mazda’s most important model, will impact the Bruneian community positively. The model accounts for more than thirty per cent of annual unit sales in over 120 countries.
Lower and leaner than its predecessor, this third-generation model shares little more than its name with its older siblings.
The new model comes in sedan and hatchback and either automatic or manually.
Available in eight colours, including the premium metallic finish “Soul Red Metallic and two all-new Mazda hues, “Titanium Flash Mica” and “Deep Crystal Blue Mica”.
Those who wish to test drive the new Mazda 3 can visit the Beribi showroom from 9am to 4pm. For more information, contact 2443749, 2445030 or the Kuala Belait Showroom at 3334244 and 3334250.
The Brunei Times
Grand Motors Sdn Bhd Brunei

Lot 31-33, Kompleks Perindustrian, Beribi II,
Km 7, Jln Gadong, Bandar Seri Begawan BE1118
Brunei Darussalam.

Sales:+673 244 3749   /   244 5030
Service:+673 239 2400   /   239 2509
Spare Parts:+673 239 2400
CRM:+673 245 6723

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Brunei Cheapest and Budget Hotels

The Capital Residence Suite Hotel in Brunei

Nice and helpful staff, Free shuttle services to Brunei Darussalam Airport and all major sights in Bandar Seri Begawan. Comparatively cheapest hotels in Bandar Seri Begawan Brunei.

K.H. Soon Resthouse (Bandar Seri Begawan), 
  • "cheap and good"
    "Probably the cheapest accommodation hotels  in Bandar Seri Begawan Brunei, it is also located in the very city center. Rooms are clean and neat, the place has hot water and wi fi, what more do you..."
  • cheapest place to stay in Bandar Seri Begawan
  • With the closing down of the Youth hostel, this becomes the cheapest place to stay in Bandar Seri Begawan Brunei.. I guess I start with the positive things.
    It is, indeed located pretty good. in front of the Brunei hotel. The air condition is working very good. The room is kind of clean. And security should be alright, as there is a nightwatch. (And the most horrible bell, triggered by a motion detector). Most of the people are friendly and will answer all your questions. But don't expect the best english from everybody working there.
    Clear downsides of the place are without a doubt the toilets and showers. And that there is no Wifi available. (There is a 24 hour cafe with wifi though. - when you turn left from the HSBC. called "Cafe De Royale")
    Value for money is horrible, but hey Brunei is expensive anyway and you probably won't stay here too long. So it's the best bet a budget traveler can get at the moment.Stayed March 2014.
  • the only good thing about the place is the location
  • good place to stay over night but not more , the cheapest budget in the Brunei city about 40$ for a room or 18$ for abed in dorms , relay central walking distance to every inserting areas. No Wifi but u can find in Cafes in the street. the rooms are clean the bathrooms&toilet are terrible.Stayed March 2014.
  • cheap and good
    Probably the cheapest accommodation in Bandar Seri Begawan Brunei, it is also located in the very city center. Rooms are clean and neat, the place has hot water and wi fi, what more do you need? The stuff is helpful with information about transportation and so on.Stayed February 2014.
  • good and cheap place
    to be honest, as we arrived at the hotel i thought its not the best place. but it was the far the cheapest hotel place to stay in Brunei, so we stayed. and finally it was good. its simple but clean. we stayed at a dorm room (gender seperated) with a fan and an ac. the staff was really friendly and helpful. well the bathrooms have squat toilets but they are clean and it has warm watter. so you dont have to expect alot but its for sure the best place to stay for the money.Stayed October 2013.
  • ''Comfort Room
    Paid 18B$ for an overnight stay on their dormitory. The chepeast hotel around in Brunei town. The beds are comfortable and no mosquitoes - which is great. The room for five has one single power outlet to charge up all our gadgets. Good thing we had power cord extensions and multiple outlet adapters to charge up all our gadgets. The frontdesk guy is very friendly and they will give you free one cold bottle of water upon paying the room. The dormitory is spacious and clean. This place has a funny aroma of minty and something else. And their comfort room - is not comfortable. It looks like one of those Korean Horror Movies and the above (maybe it is also a bathroom) leaks down to one of the Comfor Rooms and the highligh - they don't have toilet bowls, you have to squat which is difficult to concentrate. Stayed December 2013.
  • cheap & basic
    I stayed one night in the dormitory room and the price is $18 per person. For this price in Brunei, of course I don't expect anything special. But if they can provide a free wifi, it would be better.

    The sharing toilet is clean, water pressure is good, hot shower is working fine and the staff also quite friendly. So I don't have any complaint for this rest house.Stayed November 2013.
  • Cheapest Resthouse in Brunei
    Good location, very strategic, near to everywhere at Brunei. nothing compares price than other resthouse except youth hostel which closed until 2014. a good choice for travel by water park from kianggeh, just 1 blok for travel by 1 brunei dollar bus. near yayasan mal, mamak Brunei deliciuous food, just 1 blok from masjid omar.Stayed October 2013
Jubilee Hotel (Bandar Seri Begawan)
D'Anggerek Service Apartment (Bandar Seri Begawan)

  • "excellent for such price"
    "Near airport is located this quite , spacious and cheap hotel in Brunei. I order transportation to hotel by e-mail, and taxi was waiting for me on airport."
  • "Can't complain for the price!"
    "I've stayed at this serviced apartment multiple times over the past couple of years. Let me first say, if you are looking for luxury and comfort, this is probably not your best choice."
Times Hotel (Bandar Seri Begawan)
    • "a reapeat stay"
      "very clean and affordable city hotel stay. stayed here for third tome visiting. very friendly staff...."
    • "convenient and within budget hotel..."
      "Stayed a few nights here as we are having some logistic problems. About 10 mins to the airport and there is a Brunei fast food connected together with a supermarket. A few restaurants are just nearby"
    Terrace Hotel (Bandar Seri Begawan) 
  • "Staff are friendly"
    Overall a budget hotel in Brunei that does the job. Just glad the staff a nice and professional. :)..."
  • "Great solid choice in Bandar Seri Begawan"
    "This is an older hotel and a bit shabby. However, my room was clean and fine, nicely furnished, quiet. It was on the small side, but sufficient. Good for the price, cheap hotel in Brunei. Location is great"
Star Holiday Lodge (Kampong Jerudong)

"Value for Money in Brunei"
  • "The room was only $B78 per night which is quite cheap hotel in Brunei. The staff are friendly. The restaurant is also well priced and serves great food. I had dinner and breakfast there."
  • "The hotel staff were let down by this tired, no exhausted hotel"
    "A quiet out of the city hotel that has seen better days. We stayed here twice with a six week gap inbetween visits, and things had improved slightly. The hotel is about 20 mins from the city centre"
Palm Garden Hotel (Bandar Seri Begawan)

"Could be better"
  • "I'll only recommend this hotel to budget business traveller in Brunei. If i am to go back to Brunei again, i'd probably pay more to stay at more decent hotel and somewhere with easy access"
  • "Budget hotel"
    "Budget hotel in Brunei with minimal staff. First room aircon broke after two nights and in the second room it started to leak in a couple of days."
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