Monday, 3 December 2007

Besides Sustenance, Time in Brunei is Abundant

sultan Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei

About Brunei Darussalam, Choosing Brunei Darussalam is not without "risk." Agus S. Djamil many get hints from his friends about his decision. Nationalist accusations no longer targeted to himself. "One great when people say I do not love my country," he said. He never once denies the fact that he is a citizen of Indonesia (WNI). In Brunei, Agus actually feel a lot not served as a public relations official from Indonesia. Why not, when you meet with new people, for example, many who told him about the maid, gardener, or a driver who is a citizen of Indonesia.
Well, Agus was once asked what his job. So, he replied worked in the prime minister's office. The questioner immediately silent. "Not cocky, but we were also able to show that sometimes need to be," said the father of six children who like to read and write it.

He never denies Indonesia, even while many of the problems in the Mother Earth. For example, in the capital is going demonstrations or other issues, Agus trying to explain what happened. "I never dodged. I am proud to be a citizen, "said grandson KRH Hadjid, chairman of the Legal Affairs Committee in the early days of Muhammadiyah.
Even so, he admits that there is another life that can not be acquired in Indonesia. For example, about lunch. Every morning he, his wife, and his son set off together. The first route is to deliver their children to school. Only after that, stopping at the office Agus.
Car and then taken home by his wife, Ria H. Purwaningsih, and Agus working in the office. At lunchtime, Ria will pick up their children and Agus to go home. They had lunch together at home. Leisure time owned Agus is abundant.
"There is also no overtime. 48 furlough days, Friday and Sunday off, "he said. This becomes virtually impossible to come by in the country, including major cities.
Leisure time as much as possible to obtain Agus. The reason, he now needs a lot of opportunity to be able to write down his ideas into a book. At the time of his leave, he campaigned for the idea that Indonesia immediately turned my face and utilize to the greatest prosperity of the nation.

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