Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Unites Local Netizens in Brunei Twestival

brunei Twestival
About Living in Brunei Darussalam, Social media movement Twestival made its inaugural debut in Brunei Darussalam on March 24, 2011, which marked an important day in the local social media scene. The chosen motto was ‘Tweet.Meet.Eat.Give‘ in order to raise money for the Child Development Centre in support of the World Down Syndrome Day. Another aim of the Twestival is to connect the local Twitter community offline in Brunei Darussalam and give them an opportunity to meet face to face.

The Brunei Darussalam Twestival event was sponsored by Kitaro Japanese Restaurant and Swensens Cafe & Restaurant, which agreed to hold a food eating competition in support of the charity. The proceeds of the event will be used to buy new equipment and educational toys for the children of the Child Development Centre.
A pre-Twestival food challenge event was held at @KitaroJapanese Restaurant where contestants had to consume a plate of sushi. One of the top finalists in last year's Borneo Blogger awards, BorneoColours (@marul69), was very supportive of the Twestival event and uploaded a video of one of the winners of the Sumo Challenge.
At Swensen's Cafe & Restaurant, the Huge Swensen's Challenge required participants to eat the infamous ‘Earthquake’ of 8 scoops of ice cream weighing 3 oz each in a huge bowl topped with whipped cream and other sweet toppings. Local blogging heroes came to support and participate in the event like @ranoadidas, @anakbrunei, Senor Pablo, @kurapak and @maurina to name a few.
One of the main organisers @BruneiTweet for Twestival Brunei 2011 mentioned on his blog the number of attendants and how much was collected this year.
Funds were raised from a portion of the proceeds from dinner sales at Kitaro Japanese Restaurant Brunei on 22nd March 2011, and from the sale of ice cream and kids meals at Swensen's Brunei (from 20th March 2011 to 24th March 2011). The tally of funds raised came up to BND$1,573.82 and has gone towards the purchase of developmental toys, teaching aids and educational equipment for the children who undertake therapy at the Child Development Center.
Close to 500 people attended across both local events, many Twitter friends met up for the first time…
Another one of the organisers @emmagoodegg took the opportunity to thank the outstanding individuals who volunteered to help make Twestival Brunei 2011 a success in her recent post on borneocolours:
Along the way we picked up many big-hearted folks who helped with the logo (@jidah), technical issues (@thewheat, @mfirdaus & @talkingaloudbru), background details (@faeyakof & the crew of @ubdfm), PR (our local social media friends), including the sponsors (Swensens & @kitarojapanese) and the public who came to give their money and time.
A local podcaster @talkingaloudbru was present at the event and managed to do quick interviews during the pre-Twestival event at @KitaroJapanese Restaurant. He was also one of the volunteers promoting the event and he did a ‘live recording’ at Swensens during the main event.
@kurapak one of Brunei Darussalam's well known bloggers, showed his support for the event by making a comic poster using the Twestival Brunei logo on his site. @johnreydangilan on his blog theasianbimbo made appearances during both the pre and main twestival events.
There were a lot of familiar faces on twitter and to be able to meet them were a little scary for me.  I am a social pariah of some sort so being in the sea of all these people is a little bit of “I could pee a bit in my pants/puke inside my mouth” moment.
Being the charitable person I
pretend to be  am, I am glad to be able to take part in this offline gathering of twitter lurves especially for a good cause. Even greater joy for me to see people who I have conversed with on twitter and a few more who recognised me from my rants here and there.
More pictures of the event are available at @anakbrunei's blog @ranoadidas's site. The organizers of Twestival Brunei Darussalam 2011 are @BruneiTweet, @emmagoodegg and @zulfadly

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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Pulau Cermin

PULAU CHERMIN terletak di Kuala Sungai Brunei yang bertentangan dengan Pulau Keingaran. Sebelah barat Pulau Cermin terletaknya Tanjong Kindana yang dipisahkan oleh satu kawasan perairan dinamakan Pasir Si Bubu. Pada 29 Ogos 2003 serombongan penyelidik dari Pusat Sejarah Brunei yang terdiri daripada Awang Haji Su’ut bin Haji Ahmad dan Awang Haji Mohd. Noor Irwan bin Haji Osmar serta Awang Mohd.Zefri Ariff bin Zain Ariff dan Awang Shahdi bin Metussin dari Universiti Brunei Darussalam telah mengadakan penyelidikan dan penggambaran di Pulau Chermin. Ketika berada di sana rombongan membuat rakaman gambar video dan pegun terhadap lokasi-lokasi tertentu di darat dan laut pulau berkenaan.

     Walaupun tidak banyak ditemui kesan-kesan sejarah di pulau berkenaan tetapi peristiwa perang saudara yang berlaku di pulau itu pada abad yang ke-17 tetap terpahat dalam sejarah Brunei. Pulau Chermin pernah didiami oleh Sultan Abdul Hakkul Mubin (Sultan Brunei yang ke-13) iaitu atas cadangan Pengiran Bendahara Muhyiddin dengan alasan Bandar Brunei pada ketika itu tidak aman disebabkan kekacauan oleh orang-orang darat. Apabila Sultan Abdul Hakkul Mubin bersemayam di pulau itu, maka Pengiran Bendahara Muhyiddin pun mengisytiharkan dirinya menjadi Sultan Brunei dengan gelaran Sultan Muhyiddin. Oleh yang demikian pada ketika itu Brunei mempunyai dua orang Sultan. Sultan Muhyiddin yang mengisytiharkan diri menjadi Sultan itu semata-mata bertujuan menuntut bela di atas kematian ayahnda mertua baginda, Sultan Muhammad Ali yang dibunuh oleh Sultan Abdul Hakkul Mubin ketika menjadi Pengiran Bendahara dan seterusnya mengambil alih pemerintahan dengan menggelarkan diri baginda Sultan Abdul Hakkul Mubin. Kekacauan yang dilakukan oleh orang-orang darat semasa Sultan Abdul Hakkul Mubin memerintah di Bandar Brunei adalah sebenarnya atas suruhan Pengiran Bendahara Muhyiddin yang bertujuan untuk menghuru-harakan Bandar Brunei. Pada mulanya mereka mengaruk lantai istana dan beberapa buah rumah Pembesar Negara, kemudian dilaratkan kepada rumah-rumah orang ramai yang menyebabkan kekacauan berlaku berleluasa.

     Pengisytiharan Pengiran Bendahara Muhyiddin menjadi Sultan di Bandar Brunei itu telah menyebabkan berlakunya perang saudara yang berlanjutan dari tahun 1662 hingga 1673 dengan kekalahan di pihak Sultan Abdul Hakkul Mubin di Pulau Chermin. Sultan Muhyiddin membuat kubu di Tanjong Kindana semasa memerangi Sultan Abdul Hakkul Mubin di Pulau Chermin. Baginda juga mendapat bantuan dari tentera Betara Suluk yang membuat kubu pertahanan di Pulau Keingaran. Sebelum kalah, Sultan Abdul Hakkul Mubin telah membinasakan segala harta benda, membakar istana dan merosakkan Mahkota serta cop mohor. Baginda juga memerintahkan supaya Mahkota itu dilemparkan ke laut Pulau Chermin. Akibat daripada peperangan itu semua peninggalan pemerintahan Sultan Abdul Hakkul Mubin di Pulau Chermin musnah sama sekali dan sukar dikesan hingga sekarang.

Brunei's Historic Island : Pulau Cermin

Since I was already on the water visiting the Jong Batu at one end of the Brunei River, I thought I might as well go to the other end and visit the other historical site of Brunei, Pulau Cermin.

Pulau Cermin as many Brunei historians know it is the site of the temporary palace of Sultan Abdul Hakkul Mubin, the 13th Sultan of Brunei and is the site of the only civil war in Brunei History. Sultan Abdul Hakkul Mubin took the throne after assasinating Sultan Muhammad Ali. It was quite a bloody time in Brunei history and I remembered one classic book written by Yura Halim entitled "Mahkota Berdarah" regarding the episode.

In a nutshell, Sultan Abdul Hakkul Mubin was the Bendahara when his son was killed by the son of Sultan Muhammad Ali. He requested that his son's death be avenged but Sultan Muhammad Ali denied him. So Bendahara Abdul Mubin went amok killing a few people at the palace and with his followers took the Sultan and killed him (November 1661). As Sultan, Sultan Abdul Hakkul Mubin tried to foster peace between him and the followers of Sultan Muhammad Ali by installing the latter's grandson as the Bendahara. But Bendahara Muhyiddin with other followers created disturbances at the capital forcing Sultan Abdul Mubin to flee to Pulau Chermin. Bendahara Muhyiddin in the meantime was installed as the new Sultan in the capital.

A battle ensued between the two Sultans and at first Sultan Abdul Hakkul Mubin retreated to Kinarut in Sabah. But when Sultan Muhyiddin lost a battle in Kinarut, the two went back to Brunei with Sultan Abdul Hakkul Mubin going back to Pulau Cermin. Sultan Muhyiddin called for the assistance of Sultan Suluk to help defeat Sultan Abdul Hakkul Mubin promising Sabah to be given to Sultan Suluk. (This created the issue of the claims by the Philippines on Sabah from Malaysia from time to time.) Sultan Abdul Hakkul Mubin knew that he was going to be killed, shot the crown and other royal regalia from Pulau Chermin across the sea. Though some say that these were all still buried somewhere on the island.

Pulau Cermin is now protected by the Antiquities and Treasure Trove Act and is now inaccessible to visitors unless they have permission to visit the island. The island itself is fairly unremarkable but what makes it a very strong fortress is that it is in the middle of the entry into the Brunei river. Control the island means you control access to the food supply coming in from the sea. In those days, Bruneians were also fishermen and they could not go out to fish during the civil war. Sultan Abdul Hakkul Mubin was defeated partly by being bombarded and the nearest point was Tanjung Kindana which was several miles away across the bay. For the bombardment to be effective, the cannons must have been pretty powerful and accurate.

Again another interesting place for our tourism.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf - Bandar Seri Begawan Brunei

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf opened its fifth outlet at Times Square last weekend with an event which coincided with the grand opening of the shopping centre itself.

During the event, Pusat Ehsan, KACA, and SMARTER Brunei, received contributions from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Caring Cup Programme which was also launched in conjunction with the opening of the outlet.

The Managing Director of PAR Food and Beverage, Yang Amat Mulia Pengiran Anak Abdul Mun’im bin Pengiran Anak Tahiruddin in a sabda explained that the Caring Cup programme is The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf International’s commitment towards its social responsibility. The programme aimed to preserve the environment and also to improve education.

Yang Amat Mulia handed over a mock cheque amounting to one thousand dollars and gifts to the Executive Trustee of the Pusat Ehsan Al-Ameerah Al-Hajjah Maryam, Pengiran Datin Hajah Noraini binti Pengiran Dipa Negara Laila Diraja Pengiran Haji Abdul Momin.

Meanwhile Pengiran Anak Haji Abdul Quddus bin Pengiran Lela Cheteria Sahibun Najabah Pengiran Anak Haji Abdul Aziz presented a mock cheque amounting to one thousand dollars and gifts to the President of KACA, Dato Paduka Haji Zainal bin Haji Momin.

A similar contribution was also presented by the Operations Manager of PAR Food and Beverage, Mohd Billy Lim Abdul Aziz, to the Vice Treasurer of SMARTER Brunei, Haji Suhaili bin Haji Abdul Hamid.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Brunei Darussalam

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THE Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Brunei Darussalam is extending its brand product by introducing a new promotion called Orange Cranberry Family Beverages. 

Orange Cranberries Black Tea Blend is a tea beverage which originated from the Tinsukia District in India. 

The black tea blend also has a unique taste profile of sweet and citrusy aroma with a taste of orange, cranberry and cream, giving the tea a delicate finish. 

The tea is wonderful served hot, iced or even as a latte. 

The selection of Orange Cranberry family beverages now available at all The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf branches in Brunei Darussalam include the Orange Cranberry Fru-Tea Iced Blended, Orange Cranberry Hot Tea, Orange Cranberry Tea Latte and Orange Cranberry Iced Tea Latte.

The beverages would also be greatly enjoyed when paired with the Spicy Chicken Puff, Spicy Tuna Linguine and any of Smoked Salmon Sandwich. 

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has also come out with a weekly gourmet & pastry specials — CBTL Club Sandwich, Chicken and Melted Cheese Sandwich, Salmon Quiche and Chicken Sausage Quiche.

All food promotions are available at a reasonable price from $4.90 to $5.90 only. 

Customers are encouraged to show their support for the environment by reducing the use of plastic cup and plastic bags during the weekend. 

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf will stop using plastic bags for every weekend effective from 26 March 2011.

To further encourage reducing the usage of plastic and paper cups, a special discount of 10 per cent will be given to any customer who brings their own tumbler & mug during the weekends.An additional 5 per cent discount will be given to those who come with any of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's tumblers or mugs. This special discount is applicable for any beverages on Saturday and Sunday only.

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