Monday, 30 November 2009

Bukit Patoi in Temburong

For our Monday morning walk this week we went for a special excursion to Bukit Patoi in Temburong. For our non-Bruneian readers, Temburong (a district separated by an area of Malaysia) is Brunei Darussalam's least populated district and the biggest draw is the vast amount of untouched jungle which covers most of Temburong. Getting there is a 45 minute boat ride from BSB (Bandar Seri Begawan) or a 2 hour car journey via the Malaysian town of Limbang. 
Animal in Bukit Patoi
Animal in Bukit Patoi

Bukit Patoi is 1200m and though the view from the top is lovely the actual walk is a treasure trove of jungle life from plants and creepers to birds and insects. Some of us in the group were very lucky that day to spot a hornbill and two chameleons - with one guarding a nest of eggs.

Animal in Bukit Patoi
Animal in Bukit Patoi

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