Saturday, 22 December 2012

Why They Love Brunei? Because….

soas mosque
Golden Mosque of Brunei
Photo from Flickr page of Mr Syaf

About Living in Brunei Darussalam, Delwin Keasberry, more popularly known as @BruneiTweet in the Brunei Darussalam internet community, asked fellow local netizens to tweet and share their love for their Brunei Darussalam country:
@BruneiTweet Tweeps, complete this sentence: “I love #Brunei because…” 8)
And below are some of the answers given by Brunei Darussalam twitter users which reveal a lot of things about Brunei society and its people:
@suzaneeena: I love #Brunei cause it's peaceful, not so polluted, and not to mention…the variety of cheap $1 food we can get!!
@AlHudaaRose Tweeps, complete this sentence: “I love #Brunei because it is a peace country, where we can eat a lot of halal food :-)
@MiQy98 ilove #Brunei because we have awesome food & people which are getting awesome-er day by day
@ninactor I love #brunei because it's home and the culture – especially the food, is simply wonderful, also the people.
@Gold_Book_BN: I love #Brunei because Brunei has an ability to develop their people & country. So, LIKE us..
@AzemahARRR Complete this sentence: “I love #Brunei because…”" If anything ever happens, the whole nation's thoughts are with you.
@debbietoo I love Brunei because the people here are some of the most welcoming and warm people in the world.
@anakbrunei I love #Brunei because it is a moderate country which does not impose its will upon its people regardless of race or religion.

@Ajul_mna@ There is no place like HOME
@ashfarizi Complete this sentence: “I love #Brunei because…”” of the people and peace! plus nasi katok.
@sazikalman Because there is no place like home. Its cheesy but its true! RT @BruneiTweet Complete this sentence: “I love #Brunei because…
@HqahAmin it's the green heart of Borneo :-) “@BruneiTweet: Complete this sentence: “I love #Brunei because…”"
@DiyyDiyana I love #Brunei because it's peaceful. Hence, “abode of peace”
@sarahwaffles @BruneiTweet I love #Brunei because it's an exotic place. Friends from overseas hardly heard of it & would love to come visit.
Lastly, @trylobyte reminds everyone to keep Brunei a remarkable nation:
@trylobyte I love #Brunei because of the reasons already mentioned. Now let's work hard to keep it that way so we can continue loving it.
Meanwhile, a Love Living in Brunei Darussalam Pinterest page was set-up to pin photos exhibiting the beauty of Brunei Darussalam.

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