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Where to Eat in Brunei Darussalam

 brunei cuisine
Share Options for eating out in Brunei Darussalam travel,  range from informal and casual eateries to more established restaurants and haste cuisine.There are Tourist Food attractions in Brunei :

Hawker-Style Food
Hawker centres offer fine local delicacies at very reasonable prices. Favourite dishes include Brunei traditional food, satay, noodles, rice, whole roasted chickens, grilled fish and steamboats.

brunei cuisine

Hawker food can be found along the Brunei River in downtown Bandar Seri Begawan, and in a purpose-built complex next to Jerudong Park. 
The Persiaran Damuan park on Jalan Tutong is well known for its popular steamboat dinnersand satay. 
In Gadong, there is an indoor hawker centre on the ground floor of Yaohan Megamart - which offers a variety of food ranging from quiche to sushi! 

Restaurant Dining - Asian

Gadong has a good mix of restaurants offering Asian cuisine. This includes Chinese, Lebanese, Indonesian, Indian, Thai and Japanese food, as well as speciality outlets for seafood and Nyonya. Many are family-run enterprises with a comfortable, friendly atmosphere. 

Downtown Bandar also has many kedai makan (local eateries), and good seafood restaurants can be found along Jalan Muara and in Muara town. Tutong, Seria and Kuala Belait have a good and varied selection of restaurants. 

Chinese cuisineis especially popular in Brunei, and there are many fine authentic restaurants. In Gadong the Emperor's Court and the Szechuan Dynasty are renown, as are the Jade Garden in the Riverview Hotel and the Phong Mun in downtown Bandar. 

Restaurant Dining - Western

The major hotels all have cafes which serve a mixture of Asian and western meals, and sumptuous value-formoney buffets. Deals Restaurant in the Sheraton Utama specialises in very high quality nouvelle cuisine. The Buccaneers in Kuala Belait serves excellent British fare in a tudor-style setting. 

Fast Food

Fast food has really caught on in Brunei. Pizza Hut, KFC and MacDonalds Brunei all have outlets in the city and atJerudong Park. Jollibee, Sugar Bun and Express Burger are local equivalents. 

Please note that the public sale and consumption of alcohol is prohibited by law in Brunei, therefore restaurants do not sell alcoholic drinks. 
Most restaurants open until about 9.00 or 10.00 pm, and reservations may be required at weekends, especially in hotels and the larger Chinese restaurants. 

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  1. Wait.. Yaohan megamart? Sheraton? You need to update your details man. Hehe, no offence.
    Megamart in Gadong is called Jaya Hypermart (or is it Megamart)
    Sheraton has finished their lease and now is under Radisson's management.
    Good work, keep it up.

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  4. Where to Eat in Brunei Darussalam



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