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Brunei Holidays : Diving in Brunei

Brunei Bay

The sheltered waters of share the tourist attractions in Brunei, and the coastal reefs of Brunei, have numerous readily accessible dive sites. 
From Brunei's  international airport to the dive site can be less than ninety minutes.

The warm, calm tropical seas are an attractive venue for beginners learning to dive, and for experienced divers extending their skills. 

Brunei Darussalam travel, Brunei Bay is especially famous for its four wreck dives.

Apart from the intrigue of exploring these vessels, the wrecks support a substantial marine eco-system. A dive on these sites is always an opportunity to see a diverse variety of marine life.
The wrecks are all 12 to 33 metres deep; ideal for a range of diving experience. They were extensively explored, recorded and historically researched by a Brunei architect and avid diver.

Diving in Brunei

Diving in Brunei

Brunei Darussalam Holidays, The Brunei Bay wrecks are regarded as the most interesting and accessible wreck dives in the region. Their close proximity to city accommodation and air links, and convenient boat access, makes taking in a few dives quick and convenient when visiting Brunei. Weekend excursions from other regional centres are also very feasible.

Brunei's coastal reefs are amongst the best preserved in the region. Some are classified as fish nurseries and protected habitats. They are a safe haven for marine life and at relatively shallow depths, ideal for recreational divers.

Numerous reefs along Brunei's coast have been declared off limits for commercial fishing. Some areas have been protected by placement of old rig structures around them; designed to protect the reefs from commercial fishing nets.
The water temperature is around 25 to 28 degrees Celsius, all year round. Most diving is done in the morning, when sea conditions are at their calmest.

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