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The Government of His Majesty

Brunei Darussalam is a country governed by the constitutional monarchy of Brunei Darussalam.

Brunei written constitution signed in 1959 and since then, a number of important amendments were implemented, namely in 1971 and 1984. Constitution once again revised and amended in 2004, which allows for the appointment of the State Council. Constitution revised and amended again in 2008.

Brunei Darussalam has 11 ministries: Department of the Prime Minister, the Foreign Affairs and Trade; Health; Education; Development; Relations; Industry and Primary Resources; Finance Religious Affairs; Negari Affairs, and Welfare, Youth and Sports.

Flag and Banner
brunei flag
brunei coat the arms
Brunei flag in its present form unless panjinya crest has been used since 1906 when Brunei under British protection. Flag Brunei Darussalam start entering the banner as a present after the Proclamation of the Constitution on 29 September 1959.
Before the year 1906, Brunei Darussalam has no national flags, flags however individual or personal banner widely used at the time. Sultan flag and flag-vizier vizier is very important between individual flags that were used before 1906.
In the old days, Brunei has four vizier or national dignitaries awarded major powers and administration by Sultan according to their rank.
Wazir most senior at the time was Treasurer Pg. Wazir-vizier of three others, if in accordance with their rank insignia is Digadong Pg, Pg Pg Pemancha and Temenggong.
Prime Vizier with the title His Royal Highness Prime Wazir Sahibul Pg Himmah Wal-Prince was appointed on 6 February 1970. By title His Royal Highness the Prime Vizier is one of four senior-vizier vizier of the other.
Pg Prime Vizier has also been awarded a personal flag by His Royal Highness the Sultan and the Sultan. Flag for Pg Prime Vizier is white with the emblem bertanahkan banner di'sulai Brunei Government 'with kris' The Kikil' yellow. Personal flag for Pg Treasurer are white, Pg Digadong is green, Pg Pg Pemancaha is both a black and red is.
His Highness the Pg-Pg Cheteria and Pehin-Pehin Congregation also have their own personal flags awarded by His Majesty. The flags that can be recognized by their shape and color vary.
While Brunei signed an agreement in 1906, it is recognized that the country must have a national flag to be in line with other countries.
Various suggestions have been put forward figures. Finally, the current form of the flag of yellow, white and black have been agreed.
The choice of colors is as a sign to prove that the parties give their consent on the agreement as yellow, white and black have been consolidated in the new flag.
The reason the flag color-vizier vizier others not included in the new flag was because at that time only two of the only surviving vizier and signed the agreement. Digadong Pg and Pg Temenggong died and their positions unfilled in that time.
After the recognition of the national flag, the flags, already worn continuously used and flown on ceremonial days to find out the rank of one's country. The new national flag was hoisted at the offices of the government and the citizens and residents of this country.
Flags of all kinds have been reduced in number after the Proclamation of the Constitution of 1959 that little amount of flags flown on ceremonial days of the country. Apart from the flags specially authorized individuals to continue to be used by the Sultan, the individual flags to people and most of Pg-computation have been removed. They now use the national flag on ceremonial days of the country.
Between Pg-computation and large people who are given permission to use the personal flags are:
a. Hereditary sultans reached the middle,
b. Lineage-vizier Vizier reached piut,
c. Lineage-cheteria Cheteria reach grandchildren,
d. Ministers reached Damong.
The flags have changed their personal by adding the national emblem in red on a yellow ground on the top left corner of the flag.
Following the Proclamation of the Constitution, several changes have been implemented on a personal flags of His Royal Highness the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam and His Royal Highness His Majesty the King's wife.
Personal flag of His Majesty Highness Sultan yellow to fall into the royal emblem on red soil and place in the middle of the flag.
His Royal Highness His Majesty King Wife and His Royal Highness Highness's wife and several other royal family also awarded their personal flag.
National flag rectangular shaped exactly is divided into four parts - two rectangular and two slanted rectangle odd. Spread obstruct the right rectangle is a rectangle tilted started two and a half inches down from the top left corner heading down the right side, a distance of two and a half inches from the bottom right also.
Normal flag size is 72 inches (1.8 m) long and 36 inches (0,144 m) in width.
Inclined rectangular square right divide has made two odd square, a flag at the top and one on the bottom and under which forms with the opposite side up.
Tilted square is further divided into two parts that are not as great as the width of more than one inch from the bottom of the seven and a half inches in width.
In the middle of the emblem of the flag is included in red.
Index fingers on the arms vertically upwards uphold the red symbol is the same distance from the left and right side of the flag, which is 24 inches.
National motto is incorporated into the emblem is written in Arabic with yellow means 'Always making good with the guidance of Allah'.
Four kinds of colors have been added to the flag, the emblem of the red, yellow for odd square, white square tilted to the above and slanted black square below....

Brunei Brief History
From the 14th century until the 16th century the power conquered the sultanate of Brunei to Sabah, Sarawak, and the Philippines. Thus, the Sultan now represent one of the oldest dynasty in the world that still remain. In the 19th century, the government of Brunei Darussalam never backward caused by war, looting and widespread colonization by alien powers.
In 1847, His Majesty the Sultan has made a trade agreement with Great Britain and in 1888 Brunei Darussalam officially is under British protection. In 1906, the 'Residential' was first established in Brunei Darussalam. A British resident was nominated as the representative of the British government as an advisor of His Majesty the Sultan on all matters except Malay customs, traditions and religion of Islam.
1959 Agreement recorded Brunei Darussalam constitution gives the government the right to rule their own internal affairs. In 1971, the agreement was modified and revised to assert full independence for internal affairs except defense and foreign affairs.
In 1967, His Majesty Sultan Haji Omar Ali Saifuddien Sa'adul Khairi Waddien to voluntarily abdicate succeeded by his son Heir Hassanal Bolkiah. On 1st January 1984, Brunei Darussalam has been able to recover the full independence and His Majesty Sultan took office as Prime Minister, Finance Minister and the Minister of Home Affairs, to the establishment of a cabinet with members of six.
In October 1986, the cabinet increased to 11 members, the Sultan became Minister of Finance, Minister of Home Affairs and the Minister of Defence who has taken over from Al-Sultan late father since 1984. In 1988, a reshuffle is done and the establishment of the Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources to develop the country's development.
Islam is the official religion of Brunei Darussalam. However, other religions ELIGIBLE perfectly practiced in peace and those who practice it as enshrined in the Constitution of Brunei Darussalam. Language and Culture
The official language is English. However, English is widely used. 

Culture Brunei Darussalam
Brunei's culture mainly derived from the Old Malay World, which encompasses the Malay Archipelago and due here it is known as the Malay Temadun. Based on the historical facts, various cultural elements and foreign civilizations cultural influence this country. Thus, cultural influences can be seen in the dominance of four-time dominance of the influence of 'animism', Hinduism, Islam and the West. However, Islam has been able to absorb essentially deeper into the culture of Brunei. Therefore, it becomes a way of life and style, and is taken as the ideology and philosophy of the State.
Brunei Darussalam is rich in cultural heritage which remains to this day. The establishment of the Arts and Handicraft Centre in 1975 is evidence of the ongoing efforts to preservation and arts and crafts Brunei pengembangkan the one time famous for its craft boats, crafts silver and bronze, woven fabric and woven mats and baskets. The remains and various artistic heritage of Brunei Darussalam besides the above include Malay weaponry, and timber carvings, traditional games, traditional musical instruments, martial arts and women's jewelry. Half of the one mentioned above are stored in the Brunei Museum and Malay Technology Museum, not only for display to the whole world but it is important, it is the pride and admiration of the present generation, to be an example to future generations, but it is reminiscent of the skill- so our ancestors, and innovative creativity, accustomed to every generation as one of the richest traditional culture in the Malay world. Tourism
Brunei Darussalam wishes to be recognized as a unique tourist destination and a great tourist trail in Southeast Asia. The goal is to introduce Brunei to the international community as a holiday destination country: to maximize the income from foreign exchange and make tourism as one of the main financial contributor country.
The country offers a large selection of interesting places to visit and explore. Tropical rain forests and parks promenade rich in flora and fauna. Mosques are beautiful and impressive, Water Village, cultural heritage, Jerudong Park is one of the unique in Negara Brunei Darussalam. 

Public Holidays Holidays and Celebrations 

National Day celebrations People celebrate this joyous occasion on each February 23. School students, representatives from the private sector and public services work together to showcase a colorful field performances and cheerful.
Fasting month (Ramadan) Ramadan is a holy month for all Muslims. It marked the beginning of fasting - abstaining from food, drink, and things which are prohibited from dawn to dusk. During the month, various religious activities held in mosques and surau throughout the country. 

Hari Raya Eid is the day of victory for Muslims after perfect month of fasting in Ramadan. On the first morning of Eid, Eid congregational prayers will be held at every mosque in the country. Relatives gathered for forgiveness especially to parents and other family members. During the day we can see the people of Brunei traditional dress shirt while visiting relatives and friends. 

On the Feast of delicacies would not miss it, between the special dish is satay, rice cake, lontong, shady and many other appetizing dishes. On the feast day also, Istana Nurul Iman is open for the public and visitors, visit opened for three consecutive days. To provide opportunities for citizens and visitors to take this opportunity to meet His Royal Highness the Sultan and Yang Di-Petuan Brunei Darussalam as well as relatives of the Royal Family to be friendly and extend Aildilfitri Remix. 

Armed Forces Day Royal Brunei May 31 is the first day of the founding of the Armed Forces Royal Brunei. Anniversary Celebration at the Royal Brunei Armed Forces celebrate with parade performances, artillery displays, parachuting and exhibitions. 

Eid al-Adha Eid al-Adha or Feast of Sacrifice. Sacrificial slaughter of cattle will be done in conjunction with the history of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad Ibrahim. Meat was then distributed among relatives, friends and those less fortunate.

Birthday of His Royal Highness the Sultan and the Sultan of Brunei Darussalam One of the important events in the national calendar, activities and celebrations were held in all four districts. Celebrated every year on July 15, the event will begin with prayers in congregation wishes in all mosques across the country. On that day His Royal Highness The Sultan and His Majesty will be followed by a ceremonial assignment of the stars and medals kebersaran Brunei Darussalam to be held at the Istana Nurul Iman. Council also friendly with the people will be held to provide an opportunity for people mingle together with His Royal Highness the Sultan in the four districts.
Commemorate the birthday of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu'alaihi wasallam In Brunei Darussalam, the event is known as the birthday celebration of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu'alaihi wasallam. Muslims around the world commemorate this event. Celebration graced with Scripture readings and sermons Quran presented by representatives from the Ministry of Religious Affairs marks the beginning of the blessed event. His Royal Highness the Sultan also will deliver my. In addition, he and some relatives of the Royal led the event walk through the streets of Bandar Seri Begawan. Various religious events, briefings and other activities are also held across the country to celebrate this momentous occasion. 

Chinese New Year Chinese New Year is celebrated by the Chinese community, the celebration lasts for two weeks. Starting with a dinner on the eve of Chinese New Year to encourage closer rapport. Celebrations last for two weeks to visit the relatives visit by bringing together the orange as a symbol of longevity and good fortune. Various cakes and traditional foods served during the festivities. Unmarried adolescents and children will receive a 'angpow' ie, red envelopes filled with money, a symbol of good luck, wealth and health. 

Christmas Day Celebration of Christmas Day is celebrated around the world on 25 December. Day of fun and joy for Christians. These celebrations are no less meriahnya and was also celebrated by Christians throughout the country. 

Teachers' Day Teachers' Day held on 23 September of each teacher a token of appreciation in the community, religion and country. It is celebrated to commemorate the birthday date Al-late Sultan Haji Omar 'Ali Saifuddien Sa'adul Khairi Waddien, the Sultan of Brunei to 28 for his contributions and contributions late in the field of education including religious education. For this event, three awards will be given, namely, Doing good Teacher Award, Outstanding Teacher Award and Senior Teacher Award.
Public Service Day Public Service Day Brunei Darussalam celebrated every September 29. The goal of the Public Service Day is to strengthen the Government's expectations of His Majesty Sultan Paduka draw and the Sultan of Brunei Darussalam to deliver an efficient, clean, trustworthy and honest. Public Service Day was held to commemorate termaktubnya Brunei Written Constitution. Public Service Day is celebrated with the award of Distinguished Service Award to the ministries and departments...


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