Monday, 14 January 2013

Welcome to Brunei Darussalam

brunei A Sun Blessed Tropical Oasis
A Sun Blessed Tropical Oasis

share About Brunei Darussalam, Brunei Darussalam is a small, peaceful, prosperous, oil-rich Kingdom located on the northern shore of the ecologically rich island of Borneo. Per Capita, it's one of the world's wealthiest countries and its people enjoy a high standard of living. Modern and distinctly Asian, Brunei Maintains a quiet, contemplative respect for tradition, reflected in its noble Islamic architecture, hospitable people and reverence for its six centuries old monarchy.

With some 70% of its land area covered in luxuriant and pristine tropical rainforests rich in exotic flora and fauna, Brunei is a paradise for nature lovers and for ecotourism in general.

In addition, the unique appeal is its rich Malay culture, blended with all the respectful traditions of Islam, and its legendary 600-year royal heritage, continuing today under the rule of His Majesty The Sultan of Brunei.

Brunei offers tourists a modern, safe, English-speaking environment where the population of 350,00 lives comfortably thanks to the bounty of the "black gold". It sums up everything that's good about Borneo; the colourful cultures, gentle, warm people, easily accessed nature experiences and of course, 

all sorts of adventure.

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