Friday, 30 November 2012

Sports Fishing in Brunei

   Sports Fishing in Brunei

Holidays in Brunei Darussalam, Brunei Bay the fishing spot, and the reefs offshore of Brunei's coast have been a well kept sports fishing secret. However, the area is well known to local enthusiasts for its sailfish and billfish and the large range of reef fish. 

Brunei's policy of protecting it's reefs and inshore areas from commercial over-fishing has produced an exciting opportunity for amateur fishing.
The warm waters and generally calm seas allow open  craft to venture offshore in pursuit of challenging catches. 

Sports Fishing in Brunei

For those new to the sport, or on those rare days when the seas are too rough for offshore fishing, Brunei Bay and its islands provide  sheltered conditions and a relaxed fishing trip. 
This are is especially suited to family groups. 
The best fishing conditions occur from April to October. 

 Sports Fishing in Brunei
The best period for diving in Brunei Darussalam travel,  
is from March to November, in the dry season. 
The lighter south-west monsoon means calmer seas. 
The dry season also means less run off from coastal streams. 
Therefore visibility is best at that time of the year; 
commonly between 20 to 30 metres. 
However, European divers normally find our wet season visibility is far better 
that they experience at home.
Sports Fishing in Brunei 

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