Friday, 2 November 2012

I'm Lovin Mcdonald Brunei

Exciting things are happening at Brunei Darussalam’s McDonald’s as the famous American fastfood franchise will once again open its doors for business after completing a three week renovation. The outlet which lies at the bustling commercial area of Gadong has transformed into a trendy place for hanging out, Borneo Bulletin reported.
Borneo Bulletin was given a tour of the premises yesterday after the complete overhaul of the design and layout that cost nearly B$2 million.
Dk Kemariah binti Pg Hj Duraman, the General Manager of Makan Ceria Sdn Bhd, in an interview said, “We had been .closed for three weeks for “Funky and Very Young” theme renovation and now we are ready to serve our customers again.”
The design, she added, “is one of many themes for McDonald’s in the Asia Pacific region. And to compliment the design, we also brought music from McDonald’s FM”.
The new equipment and machines which cost around B$800,000 and imported from the US will provide a systematic preparation of the delicious McDonald’s burgers, fries and other menu items.
To further enhance the new look, the staff are given a new colourful uniform. In addition, the staff are provided with a TV and a prayer room for Muslims for their comfort.
There are also a children’s playground room and a spacious private room for function on the first floor.
Dk Kemeriah revealed that McDonald’s will put up special menu like Big N Tasty and Quarter Pounder from November 15 until 20. The annual Prosperity Burger will make a comeback on December 15. Furthermore, they may offer morning breakfast starting from January next year.
She also disclosed that Ronald McDonald’s may make a special appearance in December during the 20th Anniversary of McDonald’s establishment in Brunei.
One of the burning questions that the public want to know is will there be more branches of McDonald’s coming up, Dk Kemariah said “Yes”.
The newly design McDonald’s will open its door today at 9am. From Sunday to Friday, Mcdonald’s opening hours are 9am to 11pm, while on Saturday and public holiday eves, the opening hours are 9am to 1am.

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