Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Tutong District in Brunei

brunei tutong beach
Tutong is a district (daerah in the Malay language) in Brunei Darussalam and its capital is Pekan Tutong or Tutong Town (in English). Pekan Tutong is one of the towns in Brunei and the capital of Tutong District. The area of this town is 4 square kilometres. Sparsely populated. Ethnically diverse. A different side of Brunei.
While only a half-hour drive from the urban centre of Bandar Seri Begawan, Tutong offers a glimpse of the diverse cultures and unique lifestyles of rural Brunei, making it one of the nation’s most distinctive districts.
tourist attractions in Tutong Brunei is abundant in natural beauty, from the white sands and rocky outcroppings of Pantai Seri Kenangan beach all the way inland to the scenic and somewhat mysterious feel of Tasek Merimbun, a serpentine lake surrounded by swamps and 15th century burial grounds.
But the true draw of Tutong is its people.
Local colour abounds at the Ruma Budaya cultural village, showcasing the five ethnic Bornean groups that make up the district’s diverse population.

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