Saturday, 5 August 2017

Brunei Darussalam Agro-Technology Park

it’s time for a new eye candy. Just 18 minutes’ drive from BSB is Kampong Tunhku, Mukim Gadong where the famous 500 hectares Agro-Technology Park is located. The park was officially opened last 2011 to the public and has become a big hit among plants and landscape enthusiasts due to its greenhouse and beautiful manmade landscapes. The park features not only plants but animals as well, so it’s like going to a “zoo” in a “botanical garden” setting.  Entrance is free and you can choose to take in the scenery by riding a buggy or a bus, which are all provided for.

The main entrance is decorated with a huge welcome sign on pillars embellished with colorful and beautiful flowers.  If you are a plant aficionados then you will definitely be enthralled by the sight.
To the left is a wooden hut that is connected to a bridge that where you can walk on to see a spectacular view of the entire park. This particular area is also decorated with different types of imported plants from Japan and other countries with similar climates. This is a good resting place if you are already tired of walking and exhausted from the heat. As there’re no trees along the path that would provide shade as you stroll.

The main feature of the park is the greenhouse, one for flowering plants and one for vegetables and crops. The majority of the flowering plants that can be seen here are those that normally grow in cooler parts of the world – plants that cannot be grown in Brunei’s weather, but can thrive inside the greenhouse.  Like tulips, orchids, roses, and other types of four- season floras. They flourish perfectly filling the greenhouse with bursts of vibrant colors. Some are even for sale!  I encourage you to buy if you have a green thumb that is. Since these plants are not that easy to maintain.

 The animal farms feature different types of animals that are not native to the country such as ostriches and deer. The space for these animals to roam around is really big making the animals feels that they are in their natural habitat. I’ve noticed that children who go to the park seem to enjoy looking at the animals from a safe distance. Though, this might not be a fascination to most adults.

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