Wednesday, 4 July 2007

The Day in Kuala Belait

Kuala Belait Hospital
Just Share, Went to visiting the dentist in Brunei early this morning. I was supposed to visit the dentist yesterday morning, but it turned out to be a stormy morning, so my sister (the driver) decided to continue sleeping and as result I continued mine.
It was a smooth process during this visit. No missing files whatsoever. It only costs $3 for check-up and scaling. Brunei Darussalam citizrnship benefit, have it free anyway. Passed by the gynecology section on the way out and it was so FULL of people. So many newly-borns and expecting mother!!

The morning was sunny and lacking a mode of transport, I walked home. Kuala Belait town is rather small and breezy, thus it was a rather enjoyable walk. I could give myself a little tan and the breeze will keep me cool. Along the way, I took some pictures as my camera was in my bag.

Kuala Belait Hospital
Another view of the Kuala Belait Brunei Hospitals, adjacent to the dentistry section
 Road leading to Kuala Belait town center
 Road leading to Kuala Belait town center - the tallest building in town looms in the background
The Jubilee Monument beside Belait River

  The Jubilee Monument, beside Belait River
 Went OGDC (Oil Gas Development Center) in Seria Brunei Darussalam, my neighboring town with my secondary classmates to catch a movie, Blades of Glory for $6 on Sunday. Honestly speaking I did not know that there was a cinema there, albeit a small one - 75 seater. There were only less than 10 of us watching the movie at that time. It was hilarious, and we being the largest group, practically had the cinema to ourselves.

I will be taking my driving theory test tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully everything goes well. I am a little nervous as Section A - identifying road signs, requires the answers to be immaculate. A single mistake in this section will warrant a "Fail" stamp and no issuing of "L" license.


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