Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Driving Test in Brunei Darussalam

Asoh Raya Driving School
Information About Brunei Driving Theory Test, Went for my driving test at Kuala Belait Land Transport Department this afternoon. It sure was a very hot afternoon. There were only 3 of us taking the driving test, a girl from Sekolah Menengah Sayyidina Ali, a friend from UK and me. All of the candidates are from my school - Asoh Raya Driving School Brunei Darussalam.

The parking went very smoothly. I did not hit any poles even in parallel parking. Neither did I roll down from the ramp after braking on it. If I did not see wrongly I scored rather well in this section. However, I made some mistakes while driving on the road, especially while using those small roundabouts.

Anyway, I'm glad I passed my driving test. My instructor was also relieved as I wasn't a easy-to-teach student, haha. I had spent a total of SGD460, including exam fees and processing fees. Rather expensive by local rates. Amazing, only spent a total of 14 hours learning to drive in just 2 weeks.

The officer later reviewed with me the mistakes I committed throughout the test. No reviews on my parkings. All my mistakes were at the mini-roundabouts. I marginally cut into the right lane when I am supposed to be on the left. Another mistake was not stopping for a stationary right side vehicle. The vehicle was not moving even though the lane is free.

Part of circuit in front of Bahagian Ujian Memandu - parallel parking lot
Bahagian Ujian Memandu
 The ramp - where the car must stop and brake in the middle then climb over it using 1st gear.

As usual, the civil efficiency of Brunei has deteriorated. My driving license will only be issued next Tuesday, and it is only a handwritten piece of paper. The rude counter lady at Jabatan Pengangkutan Darat refused to listen to my appeal and loudly insisted on Tuesday, nabehzz... Pay SGD10 for license still so slow! I think I have to leave my IC behind this time. Hopefully my dad can help in expediting the process.

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