Sunday, 14 September 2008

Hiking trip to Bukit Laur

bukit Laur Triangulation station
Bukit Laur Triangulation station
Bukit Laur is located at Kampong Subok and is very close to Bukit Marakucing.

Before we start our hiking or climb, we were brief by one of the “kejiranan kampong subok” member. There are 4 hills to climb and the peak is 632 metres from sea level. We were told that from the hills we would be able to see the Ministry of Finance (MOF) building. Few of the "kejiranan kampong subok" members join us and become our tour guides. Some of them were also already at the hills to put up the markers and were waiting for us.

it took us around 40 minutes to reach the 4th hill. We can see MOF and DST HQ buildings, National Stadium, Parliment House, Istana Nurul Iman, Temburong, Limbang and also I was told Mt. Kinabalu (although I didn’t really see it this morning).

brunei Ministry of Finance building with DST HQ building far behind
Brunei Ministry of Finance building with DST HQ building far behind

There is a Bukit Laur triangulation station at the 4th hill. something like it is use by the survey department for land measurement. 

Overall the trip was fun and enjoyable. I would love to join the group again for other outings. Here's one of the video I took from the hill.

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