Thursday, 24 March 2011

Western Union Patnership with Baiduri Bank Brunei

A Trusted Name, Now A Trusted Partnership. One of the most trusted names in Negara Brunei Darussalam, Baiduri Bank now offers you even more through our new partnership with Western Union, one of the most trusted remittance networks in the world.
With Western Union®, money is received minutes* after being sent.

Western Union®
 is located in over 200** countries and territories with over 225,000** agent locations around the world and can be found in most banks, post offices, railway stations and airports.

Western Union®
 has offered money transfer services for over 150 years. Western Union® uses advanced technology and our unique worldwide computer network for immediate payout in over 200** countries and territories around the world.

Each transfer can be tracked using a money transfer control number, ensuring that your money is paid out quickly and only to your receiver.

Receiver Pays No Fee
A one-time fee
ˆ is charged to the sender, with the full amount given to the receiver in an instant cash payout.

No bank account is required to send money through Western Union®. To send or receive money, follow these simple steps:

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  1. Western Union Patnership with Baiduri Bank Brunei



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