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Villa Mauri Brunei Darussalam Taste of Italy

A Brief History...

Chef Mauri Group of Restaurants is the 3-strong, Brunei’s leading & best loved Italian Restaurant Company Group, whereby today employing over 60 people & operating as privately-owned, family- run company.

Based on friendship, family, a love for good Italian food & entrepreneurial flair, the group’s history goes back to august 2008, when Maurizio Intrigila, better known as Chef Mauri, a talented southern Italian, opened his 1st restaurant , Villa Mauri on Jalan Muara.

It was the culmination of a 12-year dream for Chef Mauri, who had first come to Brunei in 1996. In the ensuing years, he worked at the original Fratini’s Restaurant & was a key in the development & opening of its subsequent outlets.

Seeking new challenges, he moved to Kota Kinabalu & Hanoi in first class hotels before returning to Brunei to follow his dream.

Laying the Foundations...

Chef Mauri, eagerly explored the restaurant scene, carefully noting how the market was diversifying & excitedly developing a vision & a will to recreate the essence of a true Italian restaurant outside his home country ; providing high quality, reasonably priced food to Bruneians & expats alike.

Joint partnership in Bella Italia, an Italian Restaurant in the Jesselton Hotel, a premier boutique hotel in Kota Kinabalu, led Maurizio to taking the plunge in Brunei & branching out on his own. It proved a stepping stone which ultimately led him to Jalan Muara & the opening of Villa Mauri in a converted bungalow (The idea of inviting people to a ’house’ rather than to a ’restaurant’ reflected the warm, traditional Italian welcome)

Rapid Expansion....

As customers flocked to Villa Mauri, Chef Mauri started to look for opportunities to expand & reach a wider customer base but in similarly attractive locations. The year of 2010 has been one of growth with two additional successful restaurants opening in the busy commercial area of gadong & the oil rich town of Kuala Belait.

Since opening their doors, Grazie Mauri & Prego Mauri have joined Villa Mauri in establishing many friends & loyal customers while staying true to Chef Mauri’s vision.

Resounding Success...

Key to its success is the array of daily specials drawn from all over Italy & made from carefully chosen fresh produce.

Traditional recipes are revisited, interpreted & adjusted according to the creative instincts of the kitchen team, against a background of complete dedication to the availability of high quality basic ingredients.

People all over Brunei are starting to discover the joys of real Italian food & to experience the taste of quality at prices which bring customers back.

Chef Mauri credits the success of his restaurants to a high quality & dedicated staff, many who have been with him since the start.

He prides himself on providing consistently excellent food, quality service & hands on management.

CUSTOMERS of Grazie Mauri can expect a new and improved menu from the Villa Mauri Brunei Darussalam restaurant as they have recently introduced a new look and dishes into their menu.

Chef Mauri explained that the menu was aimed to satisfy the customers Villa Mauri Brunei of Grazie Mauri. "This is the work we have done in the months of September and October. All the dishes that we did within that period are now all in the menu. We have the bread section, soup, cold appetisers, warm appetisers, pizzas, pastas, the main course, side dishes, kids corner and drinks," said Chef Mauri.

One can now be on a gastronomic journey with Grazie Mauri as their menu of almost 200 unique creations from drinks, pastas and even specially inspired pizzas and desserts will be available. Chef Mauri hinted that one trip to the restaurant will not be enough this month as the extensive menu is set to cater to most of their customers' demands. 

"We currently have three kinds of lasagna which we have never had before and they are meat, chicken and vegetarian pasta. We are going the extra step to please all the different types of palletes and tastes," said the chef.

Not only that, for the month of November, walk-in customers can enjoy the 30 per cent discount for all items on the menu and a 50 per cent discount for Mauri Group of Restaurant cardholders. There will also be a Sunday Roast Special which had started on November 5, 2011. The Sunday Roast Special is priced at only $15 and you can have the choice between beef, chicken and lamb with a side of vegetables, potatoes and gravy plus a dessert from the menu or display.

Another highlight at Grazie Mauri will be the new room on the first floor which will be opened to customers upon request. "We are gonna call the room "Club 444", the reason being that there will be choices between four appetisers, four main course and four desserts... With this, I want to give the customers a personal touch to their meal," said Chef Mauri. He added that the atmosphere in the room will be different to that of the "fast-food themed restaurant downstairs".

For more information on the list of promotions those interested are able to do so by either browsing through the Mauri Group of Restaurants on facebook or go to For reservations, call Villa Mauri, Jalan Muara at 2335585, Grazie Mauri, Gadong at 2447471 and Prego Mauri in Kuala Belait at 3347144.

The Brunei Times

Food lovers can now indulge and savour in the delectable taste of Italian cuisine at the new Italian eatery, Villa Mauri.

The restaurant specialises in rich southern Italian flavours, spearheaded by Chef Maurizio Intrigila, hailing from Reggio Calabria, Italy, who acquired his "Diploma Di Cucina (kitchen)" from his homeland.

"Villa Mauri aims to provide quality and value for money dishes. We intend to uphold our motto of being 'Simply the best' in our field of work," said Chef Intrigila while explicating the ideas and concepts behind his restaurant during an interview with the Weekend.

"My family and I have been in Brunei for 12 years and although I travelled to other countries, my heart will always remain in Brunei, which I consider to be my second home and am well familiar with the market here."

This prompted him to set up his own local Italian restaurant with the vision of promoting only healthy authentic Italian food using a "low-fat" cooking method. The menu offers a wide selection of Italian dishes, Asian cuisine as well as desserts that will leave your taste buds demanding for more.

Healthy conscious individuals can relish in the fact that no butter or cream is used in any of the dishes offered. The chef also assured that all ingredients used are 100 per cent halal.

Customers can dine-in at the eatery to feel the delicious and mouth-watering cuisine from 10am to 2pm and 5pm to 10pm.

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