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A Bit About Brunei Darussalam

SOAS Mosque

About Brunei Darussalam country, a small country located on the northern edge of the island of Borneo. Overlooking the South China Sea (if you are on the edge of the beach I wish to jump and in an instant had reached the Philippines .. LOL). The extent of land measuring approximately the Province of DKI Jakarta Indonesia (minus of  the Kepulauan Seribu).   

Brunei Area isdivided into 4 regions (a kind of district / province), namely:
• Brunei Muara (here lies the nation's capital Bandar Seri Begawan).
• Kuala Belait (here are mine oil & gas).
• Tutong (here a lot of beaches, one of which called Jerudong beach).
• Temburong (for here must pass through Malaysia. Should be Malaysian visa if by land, and do not need a visa when passing water / river).

Here are some sights in Brunei after've lived there for 1 year:
1. Traditional houses of stilt houses made of wood.
2. Alphabet pronunciation using English pronunciation. ie bi ci ei in ji ef .... ff. This is due to the influence of British who once ruled there. Bahasa 
Malay is the language of everyday life in Brunei, which is sometimes mixed with English vocabulary, eg kek = cake (bread); selipar = slipper (flip); kempen = campaign (campaign); KES = case (case).
3. Each house has a car 2-10. As poor-poor families in Brunei must have at least 2 cars. One for the wife, one for the husband, the other for alternating. Both adult men, women, all can drive a car. Because a lot of  the number of cars, the garage could be there in the front and back of the house. Garage fence need not be given or rolling door. Open and safe. nearly all absorbed in formal employment with a salary above 2500 Brunei Dollar/month /person. So if the husband and wife work have a minimum income of 5000 Brunei Dollar / month. That is just ordinary workers. If officials and experts could certainly double. Grandmothers and grandfathers who are not working and orphans can also benefit from the state.
4. Parking in public places (markets, mall, office) free. No guards and no ticket clerk.
. All set his car each with orderly.
5. If any pedestrian street, a distance of 2-4 meters from the car had stopped. Very polite yes. Pedestrian was also a bit anyway. May be in the word no pedestrians in Brunei. Motorcycles also have rare reply.
6. Gasoline prices about 30 Brunei cents per liter. Very Cheap, is Brunei citizenship benefits too.
7. Houses in Brunei large, multilevel facility and have air conditioning.
8. Children, teenagers, mothers, fathers like to see Indonesia following tv advertisements. Indonesia has a range of products sold there. Instant noodles, pastries, sweets, drinks, clothing, soap operas, songs, baby diapers, crackers, spices, soy sauce, cosmetics made in Indonesia there all.
9. Cooking oil is very cheap. They buy a large 5 liter packs. It costs 8 Brunei Dollar .
10. The price of rice and sugar are also low 12.5 Brunei Dollar / 10 kg. In 10 kg bags. Cheap food and clothing because there are no taxes and levies.
11. Populist side dish there is the fish of the sea. Mothers are very skilled cleaning fish belly. They are not afraid of her scuffed or scratched fins are sharp. Feedback from the time of the ancestors have been wrestling with the fish. While eyes closed like they could clean fish betimes, because skilled. But unfortunately limited in fry cook, burned or boiled. Others with culinary Indonesia which is very diverse. Can in a sweet-sour flavor, contrived dumplings, pempek, meatballs, Balado, pickled yellow, kalio, rendang, shredded, presto, brains, etc..
12. For those who like to fish, they do not have enough fishing line, but also has a boat engine. There is a fiber boat parked in the driveway ordinary. If you want to sail the boat pulled by car.
13. Because looking fish in the sea, fish course, you gain very much. Let not foul up in the house kept to the freezer. So in addition to a refrigerator 2-3, most of them also have a freezer.


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