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Chinese Wedding Invitation in Brunei Darussalam

Chinese Wedding Invitation in Brunei

Chinese Wedding Invitation in Brunei
Constituting over 15% of Brunei's total population, the Chinese community Living in Brunei Darussalam is indeed living peacefully in the Abode of Peace, Brunei. Many Chinese locals and foreigners have contributed significantly in the country's economic development and many of them work in the country's private sector.

Chinese New Year in Brunei, which was recently celebrated is one of the country's public holiday and when it comes to wedding, its celebrated together with relatives and friends, regardless of their religion. Nowadays, wedding banquets are held in "halal" restaurants, where Muslim friends and relatives can join in the celebration. Here are some of the wedding invitations which maybe given by the restaurants once it is booked for a wedding reception.Wedding invitation (top and bottom) from RBC - either Dynasty Restaurant, Emperor's Court or Gadong Centrepoint ballroom

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Chinese Wedding Invitation in BruneiWedding invitation card issued by ORchid Garden Hotel, Berakas
Chinese Wedding Invitation in Brunei
Wedding invitation card from Seri Kamayan Restaurant, Utama Bowling Centre

Sometimes couples who feel that the invitation card given by the Restaurant is not "pretty" or they have their own design, they would fork out the $$ to make their own card design at a printing shop...
Chinese Wedding Invitation in Brunei
About Chinese Wedding Invitation in Brunei Darussalam, the card below and above were issed by couples who had their reception at Centrepoint ballroom, Gadong (long before the Hua Ho Mall opens)
Chinese Wedding Invitation in Brunei
Below is a sample of an engagement announcement, on the left which was designed and printed by the couple, while on the right is a standard engagement card, given together with cakes or pasteries to relatives and friends.
Chinese Wedding Invitation in Brunei

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