Thursday, 10 May 2007

How to Buying Cars in Brunei...

How to Buying Cars in Brunei
Information About Buying Cars in Brunei. Brunei, a small country with just 380,000 population, yet with one of the world's highest capita GDP, and no income tax, the people indeed can afford to buy new cars more than once in their lifetime.

In Brunei, there's less than 10 major car importer that brings in Japanese, European, Korean and Malaysian cars. China made cars are coming in but Indian made cars (TaTa) already left since there's no demand for them.

From experience and listening from friends, the cars top cars are
a. Toyota Lexus
b. Honda Accord
c. Mercedes and BMW

Toyota cars are imported by North Borneo Trading (NBT) Brunei and has a very nice showroom in Gadong. Every year, NBT Brunei has made the effort to brighten Gadong area with its cultural festival themed decoration which never fails to "amaze" the public since its quite rare in Brunei that private companies made any effort the beautify the scenery. For the record, the servicing and services received from NBT are excellent. Toyota cars are also very fuel efficient and one aunty comment said that Toyota cars has the best air-con in all cars.. it will never break down.

Honda car company importer in Brunei is unfortunately plug with many complaints. The showroom one can see is very minimally decorated, not as grand as NBT's and there's no brochure that could be given to customers!! The range of cars brought into the country is also limited, just about 6 models on display. The ones which are available in Brunei are not as many as the models available in Singapore, but I guess we cant complain... Many people complained about the services made by the inhouse maitenance people, yet since its the only sole distributor of Honda cars, known for its speed and fuel efficiency, Bruneians have to live with it, I guess...

Mercedes and BMW... well, i guess, these European cars are expensive due to its branding as well as the gimmicks available. At the end of the day, since Toyota Lexus brand of cars are not only cheaper to maintain, but also fuel efficient, many are all eyeing Toyota Lexus for their future luxurious car ownership.

d. Nissan
Nissan cars are not known to be fuel efficient and there are even problems with the 
X-Trail models which the company is no longer importing...

e. Suzuki
The newer models are cute and elegant looking and yet because these vehicles are not fuel efficient, I guess the long run practicalities outweights the decision to purchase this vehicles...
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