Monday, 10 March 2014

Best Brunei Darussalam Property

Properties from all over Brunei. This is a place where Brunei Properties are shot and shown here. To be Brunei's biggest property marketplace.

THERE is a growing trend among Bruneians to buy properties as they are increasingly seeing the potential of the investment, said a real estate firm owner yesterday.
Speaking to The Brunei Times, the general manager of Home Beyond Real Estate and Development who just wanted to be known as Suzan J said that the Brunei young generation tends to buy property to rent out or live in.
She, however, did not provide statistics.
“There are also retired parents who buy houses for their children. Ten to 15 years from now, lands that are far away from the city wil rise in value,” she explained.
The company also hopes that more people will realise the benefits of investing in Brunei property, said Suzan.
She said that the company will be organising a home showcase in collaboration with the Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam (BIBD) beginning today until March 15.
“We want to educate Bruneians that buying property is a good investment. Properties prices are always on the rise, buy them (properties) while they are affordable,” she said, speaking of the objective of the exhibition.
Home Beyond currently has more than 10 houses available for purchase from a completed project, while another housing project in Mentiri has 30 units up for grabs.
The firm offers single and semi-detached houses as well as bungalows at “affordable” price, according to Suzan.
The company also provides a complimentary and comprehensive documentation service on a single purchase of Brunei property, she added.
“We will do all the procedures such as bank loans, dealing with the lawyers and surveyors – all in just one price,” she said.
“We do not mind making marginal profit as soon as Bruneians have the opportunity to own property homes, that is our goal, ” Suzan said, adding that “free gifts” are available for new purchase of properties during the week-long showcase. Held at the BIBD Kiulap Branch ground floor, the exhibition will be open from 2pm to 7pm daily.
The Brunei Times

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