Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Labour Department of Brunei

Jabatan Buruh | Kementerian Hal Ehwal Dalam Negeri
A BRIEFING was conducted yesterday by the Brunei Department of Labour for employers who have been issued new licences for the recruitment of foreign workers in the private sector.
The briefing, which was the first of its kind for this year, was held at the lecture hall of the newly-opened Labour Department headquarters building.
Invited employers or companies who had been issued with new licences for recruitment of foreign workers – more commonly known as Labour Quota – had all received their licences during the first three months of this year.
According to Hjh Rosnani DP Hj Zakaria, Senior Statistics Officer at the Labour Department Brunei cum event moderator, the purpose of the briefing was to provide an opportunity to the new licence owners to increase their understanding of their responsibilities and also the guidelines to recruit potential or new foreign workers.
It was also aimed to ensure that they understand the labour laws and regulations which are relevant to the workers – including workers’ compensation, safety and health of the workers who are within their responsibility.
The briefing was a platform to share information with the new employers on the role and responsibilities of the relevant units and divisions within the department, and act as a venue for the employers to put forward any questions, doubts, or concerns related to the matter.
Talks on a variety of topics relevant to recruitment of foreign workers were given by representatives of seven different divisions and units within the department, including the Licensing Secretariat Unit, Law Enforcement Division, Finance Unit, Labour Standards and Employment Agency Division, Survey and Statistics Division, and the Employee’s Compensation, Safety and Health at Workplace Division.
Following the information sessions, one of the new employers present at the briefing suggested that all the information relevant to the recruitment of foreign workers – including regulations and acts – be compiled into a book.
The book, she said, could serve as a guide for employers who require the information, adding that not everyone in Brunei were familiar with all aspects of the labour laws.
In response, Hjh Rosnani said that his suggestion would be forwarded to the Labour Commissioner, and they were currently in the process of requesting for such a compilation, as well.
“We understand that these briefings are not comprehensive enough – as we can only summarise the information by highlighting the main things that employers should know,” she explained.
Hjh Rosnani said that should a compiled book be published, it would be made available to all employers, particularly new employers.
She further welcomed all employers who require any detailed information on any foreign worker recruitment procedures to visit the relevant unit or divisions found in the Labour Department building.
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