Friday, 12 September 2014

Hike and Trails to Bukit Subok Park

WANT to be rewarded with a majestic view of the Brunei Sultanate’s iconic water village and the capital after working out a sweat?
Then the Brunei Bukit Subok Recreation Park and Forest Reserve, with an area of 15 hectares and located about one kilometre from the city centre, is the ideal place to be.
To get to hike the Bukit Subok top, there are two routes to trails and hike— either a challenging steep flight of stairs of about two kilometres to the peak or a long trek with a gradual climb. However, the latter is currently undergoing construction and isn’t advisable for trekking at the moment.
The first route requires one to climb around 600 steps, each varying in height, to the top, providing ample workout especially at brisk pace.
At the top, stunning view of the Brunei bay and its surrounding vistas including Istana Nurul Iman awaits.
From the peak, you can take a path which will lead you to a hanging bridge and a second observation post, which also offers a breathtaking view of the capital and if you can reach it before the crack of dawn, you’d get a scenic view of the sunrise.
The path also leads to the starting point but as it is connected to route two, it isn’t possible to go beyond the post at the moment.
Aside from hiking, the park offers resting huts, where visitors can rest their weary feet after the long trek to the top or for a well-deserved picnic.
A few words of caution, the park isn’t as well-maintained as it was during its heyday. Some of the rails are broken and paths are marred with moss, foliage and falling branches making the ground slippery, therefore it is advisable to enter the park accompanied by a friend and  armed with a walking stick and a pair of sturdy shoes.
In addition, there are a few graves around the park. As a sign of respect for the departed, it is advisable for visitors not to touch or disturb these resting places.
The proximity to the centre of the city and a purple line bus stop at the foot of the hill, which is near the entrance, makes the park an idyllic place to exercise and to take in the wonderful sights.
So, whether you’re a health enthusiast, thrill-seeker, a photographer or just a curious passerby, Bukit Subok Recreational Park and Forest Reserve offers you more than just a hike.
The Brunei Times

Bukit Subok bridge
Bukit Subok bridge


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  2. Hike and Trails to Bukit Subok Park


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