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Brunei Darussalam : Kingdom, Culture & Lifestyle

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 Brunei Tourist attraction
Information About Brunei, Brunei Darussalam is a nation without equal. Governed by the longest serving family Monarchy in the world, and financially secure because of it's oil and gas resources, Brunei is politically and financially stable. 

With Malay, Borneo native and Chinese traditions, a benevolent monarch, assimilation of modern technologies, an international outlook and Islamic religion at it's foundations, Brunei is a unique cultural and lifestyle experience. 
Brunei Darussalam Location on equatorial Borneo, at the geographic heart of Asia, Brunei's history and culture is intriguing, dynamic and an integral part in the evolution of modern Asia. Brunei share has preserved much of this brief history in it's museums and monuments.


The Brunei Darussalam travel to the museums, Royal Regalia and other attractions help bring this alive. 
Compact and uncongested, touring Brunei is easy. 
Destinations are close because of well developed road networks. 
Traffic is minimal, and we use boats for some tours; boats have been the transport standard for hundreds of years. 

Brunei has been changing rapidly since the mid 1970's, when the nation became a half owner in it's previously foreign owned oil and gas industry, and its income suddenly increased. 
In 1984, Brunei re-took full control of it's government administration from the British protectorate status that had helped preserve it's national integrity through the tumultuous earlier period of the 20th century. 

Advances in medical services, public health administration, education, roads, communication and commercial facilities during the past thirty years has created a modern nation.  

But Brunei's political and financial position has given the unique opportunity to choose a lifestyle that retains community and religious traditions regardless of the financial efficiency pressure which normally accompanies modernisation.  

Brunei's unique Monarchy remains the centre of governance. 
The small population of almost 400,000 has helped preserve this; with a close relationship between the Sultan and the people.   
Brunei Darussalam travel, The kampong Ayer Brunei water village of Bandar Seri Begawan is probably Asia's most outstanding example of  cultural heritage preservation amidst modern commercial development. It is the largest water village in the world, and still houses half the population of Brunei's capital. 

Seria Town
Seria Town
Sultan Birthday Arch

Sultan Birthday Arch

The  unique Brunei Kingdom and Culture tours around Bandar Seri Begawan take visitors to common and uncommon attractions and venues, with lunch beside the Brunei River. 
Special arrangement tours also visit other destinations in Brunei, such as the oil and gas operations 90 kms from the capital.  

The Lifestyle Tours in Temburong give visitors an insight into rural practices and traditional living, including longhouses. 
A visit to Brunei is not complete without a water based tour. 

The Brunei River Tour takes visitors to traditional sites and modern features along the river. The river is also how we also reach the water village, and Temburong
It's also the transport corridor to experience the mangroves and its abundant wildlife adjacent to the city. Native animals are not hunted for food around Bandar Seri Begawan so unlike other parts of Borneo, it's possible to see examples of Borneo's unique wildlife close to urban areas. 

The evening Mangrove Safari is a great way to experience the end of the day and see mangrove wildlife close the Sultan's Brunei palace, Sultan Brunei house . 

The  guides provide information to highlight the significance of each attraction and help visitors understand the unique character of Brunei. 

Brunei is totally different to anywhere else in Asia. 

A visit to Asia is not complete without experiencing the unique Kingdom and Culture  of Brunei Darussalam.



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