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The Expats Say About Brunei Darussalam


The Brunei expats share their opinion about living in Brunei Darussalam collect from CfBt site.

Here they are Expat Life in Brunei say :

Ann Baillie says :

“It is a beautiful, peaceful, friendly country – unique in many ways. At Brunei school, the local colleagues are a joy to work with and the students are respectful and pleasant. I feel extremely lucky to be able to call Brunei ‘home.”

Ann Baillie does in her holiday in Brunei :
“Lots to do here for a family. Outdoor activities – sports, beaches, swimming. Eating out, visiting friends, cinema.There are many places in SE Asia to visit from Brunei. We often just relax and stay in Brunei to make the most of the beautiful places on our doorstep. Beautiful unspoilt rainforest and beaches here.”

Gerard Brennan

Gerard Brennan says :

“Pay, cheap petrol, no tax, no sales tax, you can work and save and get ahead.

Interesting Malay culture and Chinese culture. Friendly local culture.

Brunei is a safe peaceful culture. It's safe to go out day and night. Brunei is not plagued with alcohol and drug problems.

Interesting jungle environment and attractive city and stunning mosques.

Good local clubs for sport and social activity. Swimming club, badminton, running. I enjoy running at Tungku Beach and running in the jungle. I also swim in the sea and the pool.

Lots of great Indian, Malay, Chinese and Thai restaurants (and Western ones). We can eat a great meal for BND$20-$25 for three.

Good fast roads to get around on.

I have a very friendly staff at my school including both expatriate and local staff.”

Gerard Brennan does in his holidays in Brunei :

“Go to the beach, shopping, dining out, socialise with friends, go to the club, go running in the jungle or at the beach, swimming and playing badminton, reading, relax.
We have been to Malaysia and Indonesia and plan to visit the Philippines and Singapore in the holidays. We have been to Bali for two weeks, Miri and the Niah Caves for a weekend, Kota Kinabalu and Labuan Island.

In Brunei we have done the river tour twice, including Kampung Ayer Brunei. We visit Muara and Tungku beaches regularly. We have also got to Jame 'Asr and the Saifuddien Mosques, the museum, the Empire Hotel, Bukit Shahbandar, and have caught the ferry to Temburong. We have also visited Tutong, Kuala Belait, and Labi wilderness area.

It's great that these places are so affordable and easy to get to.”

Dave Emerton

Dave Emerton says :

“Safe & Relaxed lifestyle, tropical climate, healthy environment – great place to bring up kids.”
Dave Emerton  does in his holidays in Brunei :
I spend a lot of time at home gardening and cleaning the pool, relaxing with family and friends, dinners and barbecues. I have also a lot more time here for hobbies and I have developed an interest in Aquaponics and keep tropical fish. I have a lot more leisure time to spend with my family than I would at home and life is not as hectic as it is in Australia.
Since we have been in Brunei we have travelled to Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and explored areas of interest in and around Brunei. Marking & preparation can usually be completed in school time so that I don’t need to bring school work home in the holidays as I often did in Australia.”

Simon Gleeson

Simon Gleeson says :

“It is in a very good location for see parts of Asia. The petrol is very cheap, so you don’t have to worry about spending the BND$20 to fill the tank. The highways and most main streets are 2 lanes each direction with handy U-turning bays. Most beaches are quiet and peaceful.”

Simon Gleeson  does in his holidays in Brunei :

My wife and I go walking around the jungle paths, along beaches, visiting friends, watching cheap DVDs, and there is always shopping.
In Brunei you actually get holidays, in New Zealand I worked for 3 years and spent the holidays planning for the next term and never had enough money for holidays, but here we have spent the last 3 holidays in 4-5 star resorts in Bali, Indonesia; Phuket, Thailand; and Penang, Malaysia.”

Ian Wiseman

Ian Wiseman says :

“It is a great lifestyle for my family – I am here with my wife and my two young sons.”

Ian Wiseman does in his holidays in Brunei :

I take my boys surfing, I have learnt to sail, I go to the gym, I swim, I play golf, I study (I completed a Masters degree in my first two years), I eat out a lot more than in NZ, I spend good time with my family.
I try to go home to NZ each December with the family; I have been for two surfing holidays in Bali / Indonesia. I am planning to go Kite Surfing in Vietnam next year. Also on the cards is more sailing with the family.” 

Cheryl and Jamie Hutchinson

Cheryl and Jamie Hutchinson say :

“The relaxed lifestyle, the food, extensive travel opportunities, the people and the children we teach.”

Cheryl and Jamie Hutchinson  do in their holidays in Brunei :
Play music, sport, yoga classes, sing in a choir, run on the Hash House Harriers and
Martin Jackson

Martin Jackson says :
“The easy going lifestyle.”
Martin Jackson does in his holidays in Brunei :
Play with my young son. Play tennis, cricket and golf. Go to the gym, play guitar, harmonica and sing in a rock and blues band.
Visit nearby countries and Australia and Europe.”
Shantal Jones
 Shantal Jones says :
“I love the work life balance. I am the single parent to a 7 year old son. Back home I had to drop him at before school care at 7.30 each morning and would not be able to pick him up from afterschool care till close to 5 each day. We would get home just in time for me to see him tired and grumpy at the end of a long day. We would have about two hours together during which I would have to rush about cooking dinner and helping him with homework. Here, because classes are finished at 12.30 I am able to collect him from school myself most days, (there are occasional afterschool meetings, but I am able to work my stay-backs at school on the days that my son has afterschool sports). I also have an amah who lives with us and does all the cleaning, washing, ironing and some of the cooking, thus, we get several quality hours together every afternoon and evening. Settling in here has been very easy thanks to a large and supportive expat community, and very welcoming locals.”
Shantal Jones does in his holidays in Brunei :
“We are members at the RBA club, and my son and I go down there a lot. There is a small gym that I use and I regularly attend exercise classes and there is a big outdoor pool that we swim in. There are also badminton, squash and tennis courts.

My son usually does one or two extracurricular activities though his school and this term he is involved in Lego mechanics, rugby and Kapa Haka through school and is taking swimming lessons and playing touch at the RBA Brunei!

I also “Hash” on a Tuesday night. This involves running/walking though the jungle with a bunch of other women following papers - its loads of fun and a great way to get out into the jungle in a safe way.

People tend to socalise at other peoples houses and there are lots of gatherings to watch the rugby or league, or for a bbq etc. There are several borders to Malaysia that are close by, so it’s possible to pop across there on the weekends.
We have been here since March and so far we have done a “road trip” around Sabah (northern Borneo). It was amazing, we stayed in a Long House, saw the tip of Borneo, visited Mt Kinabalu and on turtle island got to see a giant turtle laying her eggs. The following holidays we spent a week enjoying the bright lights and big city of Kuala Lumpur and during our Christmas break we are off to Thailand for 3 weeks. Long weekends have also allowed us to check out Labuan (a Malaysian island an hours boat ride away) and Miri.”
  Janet Locke
 Janet Locke says:
“Most of the students are lovely. It’s great to have free time in the afternoons and lots of holidays every year to take advantage of the great places to visit in SE Asia.”
Janet Locke does in his holidays in Brunei :
I play a lot of tennis, some volleyball, go to the gym on my way back from school, walk on the beach, read, catch up with friends and plan my next holiday!
I have been back to the UK twice, and back to Brazil. Last year I went diving in Sipidan, visited orang-utan sanctuaries and chilled out on some great beaches. This year I have been to Vietnam, diving in Phi Phi and shopping in Bangkok.”
 Su Lone
 Su Lone says :
It's a friendly and safe environment for my daughter to grow up in. I enjoy my job and feel I am making a difference in the classroom, where I teach. My daughter found it very easy to settle into the International school system at ISB (International School Berakas). Its an accepting community based type of environment with lots to offer all students. She is in grade 9 at the moment. I can save some money for my retirement.”
Su Lone does in his holidays in Brunei :
“I have learnt to scuba dive, enjoy my gardening, and am an active member in the local book club. The dive boat goes out every weekend and dinner parties and socializing is easy and accessable. Eating out is cheap and the variety is extensive, ranging from Thai, Indian, Chinese, Nonya, Indonesian, Pakistani, Korean, Japanese and Western meals. There are Pizza Huts and McDonalds Brunei as well. Hashing or just going for walks in the rainforest is a lovely experience. There are gyms, saunas, massage therapists and beauty parlors to pamper yourself in as well as aerobics, pilates and yoga and dancing classes to go to. The Music Society provides entertainment and active participation for those so inclined. My daughter learns tap, jazz and ballet. For the childern there are most of the clubs that are offered in Brisbane eg, swimming , gymnastics, tennis, football, netball. Musical instruments can be learnt by all ages. I've also learnt to play the piano here.
have travelled vastly in SE Asia as well as further a field to New Zealand, Egypt and the UK. My daughter and I have gone snorkelling and scuba diving in Bali and Malaysia (KK) as well as managing trips home to Brisbane at least once a year!”
John Maundrell

John Maundrell says :
“The climate and the life style.”
John Maundrell  does in his holidays in Brunei :
“Tennis; windsurfing; gardening; jungle walks; bird watching; socialising with other ex-pats.
My wife returns to the UK once a year, whereas I go back only once every three to four years. We usually travel to Sarawak, Sabah or Singapore or remain in Brunei during the shorter holidays, then spend most of December on the island of Boracay in The Philippines where we practise windsurfing and meet up with friends who go there every year.”
Jason McCorrister
 Jason McCorrister says :
“First off, Brunei saved my life! I was super stressed back home. I was working 12-hour days, sometimes six or seven days a week just to make ends meet. My wife had to work too and we were missing out on our son’s childhood. He was two years old and going to day care eight hours a day.

Brunei gave me my life back. It gave us both time to enjoy our son. I love having more time with my family and being able to live on a single income.

I also enjoy the holidays, the free time, my classes, my co-workers, The Empire Hotel, horse-back riding lessons, the beaches, the RBA Brunei club, the low cost of living, light traffic, quick commutes, travel opportunities, the year-round warm climate, and the utter peacefulness.

Also, you cannot underestimate the benefits of having a maid. Our maid is a huge help. She helps with the cooking, cleaning, driving, laundry, and childcare. This gives us even more free time to enjoy life.

Brunei has also given us financial stability. We didn’t come here to make it rich, but we can save some money each month whereas at home we were losing ground even with the two of us working. Here, we have financial stability and an amazing lifestyle. If we cut expenses, we could save more but we want our son to take full advantage of the opportunities here.

Also, we are very happy with ISB, one of the international schools here. Like most things, you will hear a lot of different opinions. In my experience, though, it is quite good and my son actually likes going to school each day. He is in grade one and he has a teacher and a teacher’s assistant in his class. The teachers have really tapped into student motivation through rewards and he’s doing very well. He has a small group of classmates from different nationalities in his class. He is learning and he is happy.”
Jason McCorrister does in his holidays in Brunei :
“I like to go swimming, go for walks in the park, read books, go out to the movie theatre (a movie+popcorn+Coke is $7 CDN!) and surf the Internet. I plan to join the Yacht Club to learn how to sail and we like to take trips nearby to cheap destinations like Malaysia.

My six-year-old son is very busy. He is taking weekly private piano lessons, swimming lessons, and horseback riding lessons. Other kids his age visit for play dates. On Fridays, he plays football with a local team and we go swimming. For fun, he also enjoys a Montessori program on Saturday mornings.
We continue our free time activities, but we also like to travel nearby where the whole family can enjoy a nice hotel resort with pool and breakfast for $100BND ($70CDN). We went to Singapore last March and we are going to Kuala Lumpur in December. That’s a pretty good year I think.”
 Naeem Meer
 Naeem Meer says :
“The people; the culture; the security and stability; and the wonderfully peaceful way of life.”
Naeem Meer does in his holidays in Brunei :
I play golf, go swimming and spend time holidaying in neighbouring countries.
Holiday to nearby destinations. Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Singapore are all in close proximity to Brunei. Holidays are normally spent at resorts on islands in these countries.
Tania Jo Murphy
 Tania Jo Murphy says :
“Everything I like in Brunei.”
Tania Jo Murphy does in his holidays in Brunei :
Wow! Go out to eat… Visit people… walk along the beach (which is no more than 3 minutes from anyone’s house here in KB). … my children have play groups…. Go to the Panaga Club to swim, eat, play, whatever…. Generally have a great time.
Explore other countries! Tickets to neighbouring countries are great value so it makes travel, even for a family, value for money and fantastic. So far we have taken holidays in Penang, KL, KK, Kucing, Singapore and we have returned to OZ a few times.”
Judy Steele
 Judy Steele says :
“There are so many things I like about Brunei, but if I had to pick one I would say the people here make this a wonderful place to be. The Bruneians are friendly, courteous and hospitable, and I have been welcomed by them to so many occasions such as engagements, weddings, concerts and Hari Raya celebrations.
Also, Brunei itself has many attractions, not least that it is a very peaceful and comfortable place to live.”
Judy Steele does in his holidays in Brunei :
I belong to the Panaga Club where I use the gym every day and go swimming two or three times a week. There’s also a very good restaurant there where I sometimes go to eat with friends. Other than that, I spend a lot of time at home, pottering in the house or garden. In the evenings I usually have a walk along the beach.
While I’ve been in Brunei I’ve visited Thailand twice, and the UK once. This time I’m going to India. I stayed in Brunei for the other two holidays when a friend came to visit and we drove to Kota Kinabalu in Sabah for a few days. When we get a long weekend I usually go to Miri or Labuan to relax.”
Alex Theuma
 Alex Theuma says :
“The lifestyle and the cost of living!!”
Alex Theuma does in his holidays in Brunei :
Free time……play basketball, go fishing, visit friends and generally relax.
Travel…I am working my way in a spiral outwards from Borneo…. Have visited many temples, eaten different dishes, fished some fantastic waters, met some great people.”
So why wait to visit Brunei Darussalam the coolest place in the world.


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