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Bieber Fever Rock The Young Bruneian


Please help us get Justin Bieber share to About Brunei Darussalam, Asia.
Created 2 years, 7 months ago by @BnBeliebers.
"Hey guys, well maybe some of you are wondering "where in the world is Brunei Darussalam?!" It is in Asia (next to Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Phillipines).
Do you remember when Justin made some thankful videos for his Asian fans? He only made it for Phillipines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam! How about us? Why he didnt he make a video for his Bruneian Beliebers? We are so sad of that and feel like being ignored :/ We also love and support him just like other beliebers do! such as voting for him, requesting his amazing songs on our local station radio especially @pelangifm, buying his debut albums, spreading the BIEBER FEVER which is the bad and dangerous fever ever! oh yeah, we ( @BnBeliebers, @JBieberthebestt and @bazilaaah ) also created a group on fb named BRUNEIAN BELIEBERS. We created it to show him our love and support. we also share new update in Bieber World with the members. I remember that we have 1000 members in just 4 months! I'm so happy and hope that they'll be more people joining us. So, we really need your help . Please sign this twittion and get Justin to see it.. it would mean a lot! Thank you."

After the release of Justin Bieber's silver screen debut, ‘Never Say Never‘, a movie/documentary of his trials and tribulations, his ‘Beliebers’ here in Brunei Darussalam  have attempted in full force to get his attention because Brunei Darussalam is not one of his concert stopovers in Southeast Asia.

News of his sold out concerts in neighboring cities, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta, spurred his fans in Brunei Darussalam to create the #Bruneineedsbeiber hashtag and local fans flooded the hashtag #Brunei every minute to get @justinbieber‘s attention.
‘Brunei Beliebers’ even opened a twitition to help get the Canadian star to come to Brunei. Today, March 20th, 2013 they have 408 signatures.

Local blogger @marul69 of was never a ‘belieber’ and ‘is still not a bieber fan’ but after watching ‘Never Say Never', he mentioned,
After watching this movie, I have to admit his success is no fluke, not manufactured or because of his looks entirely. He has real talent from a very young age. The type of talent one is born with.
I’m in no way Bieber-ized. His songs are catchy no doubt, but it’s nothing I wanna listen to daily. All I am saying is that I respect his determination, his never say never attitude, the hard work he has put into it and the sacrifies he had made to be where he is. And when you’re 16 years old and you sold out Madison Square Garden in 22 minutes, that is just sick!
Brunei Darussalam's twitter celebrity @BruneiTweet sent out his first tweet to @justinbieber after watching ‘Never Say Never’ film and mentioned that he watched it for social media researching purposes.
Another local blogger @Bruneiankidsays in his blog ‘memoirs of a Bruneian Kid’ has nothing but praises for the 17 year old.
think he’s a gifted singer no matter what the future lies for him. There’s just something about him
Some ‘Brunei Darussalam Beliebers’ has even gone to the extent of making videos and posting it on YouTube to convince Bieber to come to Brunei. Meanwhile, local talent Aziz Harun, @jambul212 records his version of Bieber hit song, ‘Baby.’
But after all these attempts, ‘Brunei Beliebers’ are still frustrated because @justinbieber has yet to reply to any of the tweets from Brunei Darussalam.

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