Friday, 4 May 2012

Brunei Holidays : Brunei Offer The Eid Tour Package

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Brunei Holidays, Are planning a tour the day of Eid this year? A regular tour packages offered Brunei Darussalam may be a consideration.
Every celebration of Eid al-Fitr, a travel agency will offer a meal plan with Hasanal Sultan Bolkiah. Apparently, a lot of tourists from Indonesia who had been interested in it. They want to meet and shake hands with the Sultan of Brunei.
"Many people who come to Brunei Indonesia as Idul Fitri to meet the Sultan. Every Lebaran, Sultan held as an open house for 3 days specifically so that people can stay in touch with the Sultan," said the Royal Brunei Country Manager Indonesia, Balachandran on the sidelines of the ASEAN Tourism Forum ( ATF) TRAVEX, in Manado, recently. He was present at the ATF TRAVEX as buyer (the buyer) in the event of the tourism market.
According to him, anyone can come to the open house event, not only the local community, but also foreign tourists. In fact, travel packages on offer include a banquet in the form of a buffet at the residence of the Sultan. "I'll come straight to shake hands with the Sultan and the family," he said.
He said the security procedures of course still there when the first open house. However, he added, the event does not even seem familiar too bureaucratic.
In addition to tours during Eid in Brunei, Brunei tours package are also offered in the form of nature tourism that is visiting the Brunei forest. Balachandran said that although Indonesia also has a forest, there is a difference with the forest in Brunei.
"In Brunei there is no logging. We also no palm oil," he said with a laugh.
Meanwhile, Ak Zulkhairi Pg Abdul Razak of Brunei Tourism said that Brunei offers eco-tourism to the tourist center of the world. In addition to a walk in the beauty of the forest, there is a resort located amidst the trees.
"Indonesia does have forests. But we had jammed," said Zulkhairi.
He said that Brunei is a small country with a small population. So it is very easy to travel in the city center, then continue into the forest.

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