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Brunei Browse Through Photos

brunei tourist attraction
For a traveler, to capture every moment of the trip is a must. Not only as a memento, the image can also be used as a means to get to know more attraction. During their stay in Brunei Darussalam I take a lot of pictures of this country. For me, every picture I take is a reflection of the journey of life that will never be forgotten.

Tourist attractions in Brunei, This small country has a lot of beaches, such as the beach Muara, Jerudong beach, Kuala Belait beach, and so forth. The beach at the sunset photo I took when traveled to Jerudong beach with friends. Besides the beach, there are also Jerudong Park Brunei which offers a lot of games. Photo thereunder monument called Tugu souvenir memories. This monument is located in Kuala Belait, not far from Bandaran Kuala Belait. Brunei also has a tourist park named Tasek Lama Park is located in Bandar Seri Begawan. The park is well suited as a place for recreation as well as exercise. In which there is a waterfall surrounded by lush trees. In Seria area, there is a kind of park where smart named OGDC (Oil and Petroleum Discovery Centre). OGDC is a form of commitment of Brunei Shell petroleum company in Brunei to promote public education.

Public facilities built by the Sultan of Brunei for the purpose of convenience of the citizens. Public telephone look so manicured and everyone is free to use. While public toilets or in the Brunei Malay language called 'ordinary said' very clean and comfortable. Bus stops are also quite widely spread on the edge of the road. Continuously developed infrastructure, it is visible from the main roads are perfectly paved and free of traffic jams.
brunei public servicepublic service in bruneiThese are not state of Brunei Darussalam or LCCT Malaysia Soekarno Hatta. But the services and facilities in it quite satisfactory. Photos I took this bus at the bus terminal while waiting for the bus to Seria Bandar Seri Begawan. Although including a small terminal with a bus route a little, but this terminal serves a trip to Pontianak Indonesia through a price B $ 80 (Rp.560.000) for one-way. Shopping centers in the form of a mall or shopping complex can be found at some point in the town center.

 Photo shops that I take this is a complex located in the Tutong. Places of worship such as mosques will be found aplenty in this country. There are at least 100 mosques and surau were built for the Sultan of its citizens. As for other religions such as Christianity / Catholic and Confucian given the right to establish churches and temples.

Brunei The Royal Regalia Photos of the building on the left is a museum named The Royal Regalia Building. This museum is a museum of objects sultanate of Brunei. Inside are a variety of weapons made of gold and silver, chariots, crown, throne until the replica sultan. On the right is the photo BOMBA office in Kuala Belait. Bomba term is addressed to the fire fighting. And the photo below is the building BRIDEX (BRIDEX International Conference Centre). BRIDEX is an exhibition between nations in an effort Defence Ministry of Defence of Brunei to promote the development of the defense industry.
his majesty birthday celebrations in brunei

Brunei residents love their king. Even the birthday of the sultan who fell in July become a national holiday. On that day there will usually be a lot of celebrations, special discounts in shopping malls, and also markets the night. When the sultan 65th birthday me and my friends took to the streets Bandar Seri Begawan was transformed with a variety of colorful lights and sounds of the night market traders. Every Eid, Sultan usually hold an open house on the day of Eid to 1, 2, and 3. All people are allowed into the palace and shake hands with the sultan. Not only that, a dish of food and beverages are waiting in the palace. One more unique place is 'NBT's Showroom' at the Gadong area. The front of the store is always transformed into the concept of decorating every major holidays such as Idul Fitri, Chinese New Year, Christmas, and New Year. It is of course interesting people to come and take pictures. Of course not charged a fee, or free. Organizing expo or exhibition in Brunei are also quite a lot of examples of defense exhibition (BRIDEX), computers, exotic animal exhibits, exhibitions journalism, and so forth.

If the photos below are the other side of the country Brunei. In the upper left corner is a picture of the view from a beach in Kuala Belait. Then next to it was a photo at a shopping Huaho Mangosteen. Photos in the top right corner is an electrical substation that can be found in many places. Usually this substation is located on a street corner. Underneath is a relaxing seat in Bandar Kuala Belait. I took this on one night in the month of Ramadan after tarawih prayers before returning home. Lower left corner there is a painting photographs on display at the expo building. Dikanannya is a photo of the flag of Brunei which I happened to snap at a traffic department Brunei. Photos in the lower right corner is another part of the Seria bus terminal. In this court there is usually a lot of pigeons that flock. And the greatest photo in the middle is a picture of the mosque Jami 'Asr, the mosque was built by Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah in Kiulap area.

These are photos of my personal work. Outside of my photos are still there are many more attractions that can be made the object of photography. Although not too good, but these pictures are the best thing that I have from a country called Brunei Darussalam.

Site of Tamu kianggeh..Tamu Kianggeh brunei
The Brunei Hotel in BSBThe Brunei Hotel in BSB

A scene in the BSB's Tamu Kianggeh...BSB's Tamu KianggehBSB's only Chinese Temple... behind the temple is the PGGMB building
BSB's only Chinese Templebrunei - Durian kuning, ubi, lengkuas?
Durian kuning, ubi, lengkuas?....

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