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Brunei Holidays : Fishing Spot at Teraban River

kampong sungai teraban brunei
kampong sungai teraban brunei
Holidays in Brunei, Are you guys looking for the new spot for fishing in the Belait Brunei? Well, you read the post right here. This morning me and Shazana's Production crew have make a documentary for the Brunei Darussalam Interior Ministry.In This morning my boss asked me to bring them to the Sungai Teraban (Teraban River) for filming "one village one product". After filming in one of the houses in this village, we went to the next location where a new fishing location in opened at the Sungai Dua, Kampung Sungai Teraban Belait Brunei.

sungai teraban
Its my first time coming to this place. Let me describe few things about this place .. Its located at Jalan Sungai Dua, before the intersection Sungai Teraban oil station. Actually there is no provide parking space here, but you guys have to park your car just beside the way. There are two cottages here  is connected by bridge .. So for anybody who the fishing interests, you can just fishing here and its FREE .. 

Sungai Teraban Belait Brunei

sungai teraban

If you like fishing too its OK, the view of this cottage was facing the South China Sea and I would say that the wind here was comfortable, I'm not fishing fans but if you just take the wind here was best nevertheless.

sungai teraban

sungai teraban

sungai teraban

-picture above is the hut facilities for rest or fishing-
Sungai Teraban Belait Brunei

just for a quick recap guys, amenity provided here is in-sponsored by three local villagers spending roughly $ 35,000. The place open in April this year by the Regional Civil Belait Brunei Jamain Haji Momin and this place actually open-up to attract more crowded fishing enthusiasts to come here and at the same time again to enliven the atmosphere here. 
sungai teraban

Chairman of Kampung sungai Teraban (right)
Chairman of Kampung Teraban River (right) to the location of future fishing trip here this afternoon

So if you guys plan to let it come and maybe you know where they are located, you can always contact the villagers in the area here or can contact the Chairman of Kampong Mohd Mersidi.

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These 3 weeks, we are busy fishing.... we in fishing mood ..... :-)
Fish caught at Muara BeachFish caught at Muara Beach... last week
Fish caught at Tungku Beach
Fish caught at Tungku Beach this afternoon....
Fish caught at Tungku Beach
Is it pila-pila fish?
not sure, but this fish body is flat,
likes to hide in the sand and the belly is white in colour...
Do anyone know if there's a package for those who want to fish offshore?
But for just a day trip...i want to catch "kerapu" fish... :-)

Bukit Tempayan Pisang- Brunei

Bukit Tempayan Pisang ahead
Fishing in Brunei
This fish was caught on our 4th attempt at fishing at the beach....
We dont even know that kind of fish is that.... heheh

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