Monday, 11 October 2010

THE Brunei Forestry Department improving recreational parks

THE Brunei Forestry Department is continually improving recreational parks in the Sultanate to further entice the people to go back to enjoying nature.

Speaking to The Brunei Times , Senior Forestry Officer Noralinda Ibrahim said yesterday the Brunei Forestry Department was tasked not only to preserve the woodland and at the same time promote recreational activities through the establishment of forest recreational parks throughout the Sultanate.

She said that one of the policies which had been adopted by the government under the Brunei National Forestry Policy was to ensure that some of the forested areas would be designated for recreational purposes. 

And ensuring the availability and safety of these recreational parks is one of the tasks fulfilled by the Brunei Forestry Department, she said. 

"In this regard, the government has set aside different types of forest and converted them into forest recreational parks," she added. 

Noralinda added the reason why these parks were under the Brunei Forestry Department was because they were situated within the area of a forest reserve and each park has a uniqueness which showcase not only outdoor recreation activities but also being promoted as eco-tourism destination. 
Bukit Shahbandar Recreational Park
Bukit Shahbandar Recreational Park Picture by Brunei Times

She added that these parks within the forest were built for educational purposes as these serves as outdoor laboratories for researchers and scientists. 

When asked about the budget in maintaining as well as further expanding the recreational parks, Noralinda said, "All the forest recreational parks are given substantial sum of a budget under the National Development Plan. The development of each park is done on a priority, depending on the budget allocation for each year."

"The parks are given a lump sum budget as mentioned it all depends on the development project that are being proposed during a five-year plan."

"Upgrading and enhancing the parks are part of our development strategy," she said. "Development for all the parks depend on its use and public requirement," Noralinda added. 

To date, the Brunei Forestry Department is managing a total of nine recreational parks in all four districts. These include Bukit Shahbandar, Berakas and Bukit Subok in the Brunei-Muara District; Pulau Selirong and Temburong in the Temburong District; Sungai Liang and Luagan Lalak in the Belait District; Tumpuan Telisai in the Tutong District, as well as the Ulu Temburong National Park. 
The Brunei Times

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