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Stone Ville Hotel in Temburong Brunei

The Stone Ville Hotel in Bangar Town, Temburong District Brunei
STONEVILLE HOTEL is the FIRST established hotel in the most eastern part of Brunei Darussalam - Temburong

TEMBURONG'S first hotels, Stone Ville Hotel, recently opened its doors to the public, and is aiming to boost tourism and events in the district.

In an exclusive interview with hotel manager Jeffrey Rivera, he said that by having a hotel in Temburong, it helps to boost the local economy and by providing jobs to locals in the district. He said that one of the advantages of the hotel's location is that it is situated close to PekanBangar and the Temburong Jetty.

At the moment, the hotel has just finished setting up their operations, and has employed about 25 employees under its management. The affordable rooms are also one of the advantages that the hotel has, with rooms starting from $98.

One of the main customers that the hotel is targeting are government departments. Rivera said that there are quite a number of government events and meetings that are held in Temburong and recently, there were military personnel that stayed at the hotel.

According to Rivera, he said that their business success is dependant on customer recommendations and repeat visits which is why customer service is one of the important elements for this hotel to succeed. "Our philosophy is to ensure that every guest is positively satisfied with their stay at our establishment, and we believe that the warmth and our first rate service we provide, along with the clean and comfortable environment we offer, will go a considerable way in fulfilling out philosophy and ensuring value for money," he said.

Asked about the development of the Temburong Bridge, Rivera said that the hotel development is not linked to the bridge, but that it can help enhance the future developments that will come with the bridge development.

"Once the bridge is completed, the population flow between Bandar Seri Begawan and Temburong will increase," he said.

He said that once the bridge is built, there will also be an inflow of tourists coming to Temburong, because the district will be easier to access, and that the hotel will be able to accommodate both tourists and locals.

"No one can deny that tourism is one of the most important things for Brunei, because it has a role in the economy apart from oil, which also creates jobs," said Rivera, adding that the hotel hopes to "do its part to attract more tourists".

Rivera added that apart for hotel guests, Stone Ville will also be targeting business events to be held at the hotel, as it has a function room that will be able to accommodate most business and private functions.

"The main purpose of having a meeting room is to ensure that meetings are effective and purposeful by giving due consideration to certain things such as location," he said.

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