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Do Sporting Activities in Brunei Darussalam

Mumong Sport Complex

Do Sporting Activities when visiting Brunei Darussalam:

Play Golf in Brunei Darussalam

- Brunei/Muara district has an international standard 18 hole par 72 course at Mentiri Golf Club
- In Seria, the Penaga Golf Club
- Royal Brunei Golf and Country Club at Jerudong Park
- Driving range available at the Royal Brunei Sports Complex, near the airport.

Swimming Club in Brunei Darussalam
- Public pools at the Hassanal Bolkiah National Stadium in BSB
- Mumong Sports Complex in Kuala Belait

Scuba Diving in Brunei Darussalam
- Divers usually meet at the Anggerek Desa swimming pool in BSB
- Private operators usually run boat trips for diving in Brunei Bay during the weekends. Diving gear, guided dives and courses of instructions are also available.

Note:If you are a suitably certified diver and would like to do scuba diving you can go out with the Brunei Sub-Aqua Diving Club on their weekend dives. This long established club has a large 11m catamaran that takes 16 divers and the focus is on wreck diving. The Brunei Sea has some of the best wreck diving in the South China Sea with several modern and WW2 wrecks to explore. All are quite ‘atmospheric’ in different ways and visually exciting. If you can't dive, you may want to consider taking a scuba course which can be arranged locally.

Oil Platform Diving: Brunei is the only place in the world where you can dive (legally) on operating oil production platforms without being a commercial diver. Decommissioned rigs exist in California and the Gulf of Mexico but being under a working one and hearing the pressurized oil rushing up the ‘risers’ (pipes that bring the oil above the sea bed) and feeling the heat warm up the risers is a unique experience. Contrary to belief diving on platforms is quite safe since you are diving inside an enormous steel cube and there is little chance of getting lost. Described as cathedrals of steel and light, platforms are home to a variety of soft corals and other animals, including a myriad of fish from the very small to the very large, which are protected by the 500m exclusion zone around platforms. You must be an Advanced Open Water diver to take part in this activity.

Sailing: By special prior arrangements volunteers are able to use the facilities of the Royal Brunei Yacht Club which come is very useful after dives and for enjoying a sunset dinner or Sunday Roast lunch. If you are able to sail and can prove it, you can go further and join as a temporary member which would entitle you to sail in the weekend club dingy sailing.

Windsurfing, Kayaking and Jet Boats in Brunei Darussalam
- The Royal Brunei National Windsurfing Association at Serasa Beach rent out boards and jet boats for a small fee per hour. Kayaks also available.

Bowling in Brunei Darussalam
- Utama Bowling Alley at Jln Tutong in BSB

Tennis in Brunei Darussalam

- Youth and Welfare Sports Complex on Jln Berakas
- 3 types of surfaces: clay, synthetic grass and cement

Squash in Brunei Darussalam
- Hassanal Bolkiah National Stadium has public courts for squash
- Open daily except Fridays and Sundays


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