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Visiting Brunei Darussalam


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It will take approximately 20 minutes from Brunei Darussalam International Airport to the city. The airport tax is B$5 for passengers leaving for destinations in Malaysia or Singapore and B$12 for passengers to all other destinations.

Ground transport (Land Transport in Brunei)

Metered taxis are available from the international airport to all parts of the country. The fare for the 11 kilometre ride from the airport to Bandar Seri Begawan is around B$20. Some hotels provide free transfer from airport. An intermittent bus service runs to and from the airport, and from the capital to the major towns of Brunei except Bangar and Temburong.
Water taxis are the most common form of transport in ‘Kampong Ayer’, the Water Village. Regular water taxis and other boats have routes between the capital and Bangar, and Malaysia, including Limbang (in Sarawak) and Labuan. Onwards connections are available from Labuan to a few towns in the state of Sabah.
Self-drive and chauffeur-driven cars are available for hire at B$100 to B$400 per day depending on the type of car. It is advisable to book cars in advance through the reservation desks at the hotel. An international driving licence is normally required if you are driving.


There is a relatively big range of hotels in Brunei. The Empire Hotel and Country Club is a six-star hotel with a room rate of B$250 per night. Room rates for a two- to three-star hotel is approximately B$65 per night. A middle range hotel would cost around B$120 per night including breakfast. The Sheraton Hotel is the only international hotel chain in Brunei, and their room rate is approximately B$190 per night. Hotel rooms are usually available in Brunei, however, it would be advisable to book well in advance in case of a major event.


There are numerous restaurants serving international cuisines that have mushroomed around the country. These restaurants offer foreign dishes ranging from Chinese, Indonesian, Malaysian to Thai, Korean, Mediterranean, Arabic, Vietnamese, French and other cuisines.
To please the most discerning palates, highly rated hotels in the country also offer various western cuisines, authentic Italian dishes, Japanese and Lebanese food.
A wide selection of local dishes Brunei traditional food, can also be found in the local night markets. There are a great number of cafes, bistros and eateries that serve top class cuisine at very reasonable prices in the Sultanate. Generally, the food served in Brunei is Halal, as the population is made up of mostly Muslims. The country does not place too many restrictions on restaurants, as long as proper rules and regulations are followed. For non-halal establishments, a label or sign states that the food served is that particular eatery is not for Muslim consumption.
As the law in Brunei prohibits the public sale and consumption of alcohol, all restaurants, regardless of Halal or non-halal ones, do not serve alcohol.


Tipping is optional. Some hotels and service establishment add 10 per cent service charge to their room rates or services.

Tourist attractions In Brunei

Brunei Darussalam offers visitors excellent museums, resplendent mosques, scenic spots and for the nature lovers, lakes, hills and seashores, mostly located in and around the capital.
Brunei’s four districts each boasts its own tourist attraction; parks, forest reserve, historical buildings, mosques, shopping malls to name a few.
Some of the major attractions in Brunei are:
  • Kampong Ayer (water village)
  • Yayasan Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah (modern shopping complex)
  • Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque
  • The Royal Brunei Regalia Museum
  • Brunei History Centre
  • Tamu Kianggeh (open market)
  • Brunei Arts and Handicrafts Centre
  • Brunei Museum
  • Mausoleum of Sultan Bolkiah
  • House of twelve roofs
  • Jame Asr Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque
  • The Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Silver Jubilee Park and Recreation Area
  • Wasai Kendai (waterfall)
  • Jerudong Theme Park Brunei
  • Millionth Barrel Monument
  • Oil and Gas Discovery Centre

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