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Bukit Patoi Forest Recreation Park

To get to the Bukit Patoi Forest Recreation Park, you need to take a 45 minutes ride on the speedboat from Bandar Seri Begawan to Bangar, Temburong.  It is accessible by land, water and or air. 15 kilometres from Bangar towards Labu, it is within the Peradayan Forest Reserve, covering an area of 1070 hectares.

Bukit Patoi Temburong
Bukit Patoi Forest Recreation Park
The Peradayan Forest Reserve includes the twin hills of Bukit Peradayan and Bukit Patoi with an altitude of 410 and 310 meters above sea level. 

A visit to the Bukit Patoi Forest Recreation Park typically includes climbing, and descending, through a 1.6 kilometre forest trail that winds up and down the mountainside up to the peak. The trek usually takes an hour or so going up, and another hour coming down.

Bukit Patoi Forest Recreation Park has a unique geologic constitution, and visitors can observe unusual caves and sandstone formations. At times, one may also have a chance encounter with local wildlife such as Kijang. Finally, at the rocky summit of Bukit Patoi, there is an open and flat patch which doubles as a helipad and a lookover point.

From this vantage point, amid a pleasant breeze, visitors can take an exhilarating view of green and blue panorama extending to the horizon, including mountain range, the including the scenery in the neighbouring Lawas, Sarawak coastlines and the South China sea, villages, and agricultural lands. A visit to the Bukit Patoi Forest Recreation Park is highly recommended.

Bukit Patoi Location
Bukit Patoi Location

 The most popular trail in Temburong is by far the Ashton Trail at the Kuala Belalong Field Studies Centre. The rainforest trail of Bukit Patoi may be the district’s best kept secret; and the speedboat experience – a world-class start and end to a hike.

Trail Map Bukit Patoi
Trail Map Bukit Patoi
Bukit Patoi one of Climbing Locations in Brunei Darussalam :

Bukit Patoi, Temburong - Crag exists via 45min hike along path which leads to summit of Bukit Patoi. 

- Promising top rope climbing available.
- 1 bolted sport route "Index Finger".

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