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Pulau Selirong Forest Recreation Park

His Royal Highness The Crown Prince Haji Al Muhtadee Billah of Brunei Darussalam at pulau selirong
His Royal Highness The Crown Prince Haji Al Muhtadee Billah of Brunei Darussalam at Pulau Selirong

Pulau Selirong Forest Recreation Park is one of the amazing forest parks in Brunei Darussalam. It is situated in the outer southeast-ward reach of the Brunei Bay and covers a total area of 2,566 hectare of largely pristine mangrove forest. This Pulau Selirong Forest Recreation Park is accessible only by means of commercial motorised boats.

Entering this Pulau Selirong Forest Recreation Park is an experience itself. The meandering water channel in the Pulau Selirong Forest Recreation Park is lined with bakau trees – reputed to be the largest in the region – propped up by a labyrinth of stilt roots: or laced by patches of undisturbed nipah palms. The island also harbours a wide variety of interesting wildlife that includes unique mammals, colourful resident and migratory birds, rare reptiles and fishes and crustaceans.

Pulau Selirong Recreational Park

Pulau (Island) Selirong situated in the vicinity of Brunei Bay has an area of more than 2,200 hectares. The island is also covered with a rich variety of plants in all sorts of sizes including mangrove trees whose trunks are reputedly bigger than any found in neighbouring countries. The mangrove's wood is a valuable material in the building industry where it is used for piling especially in muddy soil. It is also burnt to make charcoal.

The fauna in the island is even more exotic. It has among others the flying lemur. And if one is in luck, it is usual to see them soaring from tree to tree.
The facilities in the island include among others two-kilometres of boardwalks, four berths, several platforms for briefing visitors, huts and observation towers.

The journey to the island may take slightly more than an hour. However, due to the shallow nature of the water leading to the island, the rest of the short distance of travel will have to be made by smaller boats. Trips to the Island are best booked through one of the tour operators

There are jetties in different parts of the island which provide mooring facilities for boats carrying passengers to the island.

45 minutes away from Muara by boat, Pulau Selirong is fondly known for its immaculate
mangrove forest. The facilities on the island include a two-kilometre boardwalk, four berths
and several platforms for briefing visitors, in addition to a number of huts and observation


Pulau Selirong is on the other side of Brunei ie Temburong, accessible only by boat... takes about 1 hr from BSB .... best to go with a tour operator as place is really isolated and need a guide.... primarily mangroves and palms, and proboscis monkeys plus other wildlife... need minimum 4 hrs, plus insects repellents.
Alternative is Damuan River tour, adjacent to palace and along Brunei river......

Pulau Selirong, an island forest reserve located in the Brunei Bay 
near Temburong, Brunei. 

Selirong Island is Brunei's largest island covering 2566 hectares in total land size. To be known as the best tropical mangrove forest in south east asia i.e. the mangrove amongst the oldest in the world with tree trunks reputedly bigger than neighbouring countries
- home of amazing flora & fauna species
- 95% mangrove forests are tidal swamps
- bakau minyak (rhizophora apiculata)
- bakau kurap (rhizophora mucronata)
- linggadai (bruguiera gymnorrhiza)
- lobsters mounds usually covered by piai fern (acrostichum aureum) abound in areas occupied by the xylocarpus granatum (nyireh mangrove)
- numerous semi-permanent lakes
- one of the last mangrove areas with all major habitats & forest types nature on earth
- bebarahan, belais, ketam, kerapu, ketambak, kitang, kurau, languran, pari, selungsong, sembilang, tabana, umpak & ungah


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